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17 Oct 2000 - 10 Apr 2021
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Cover Profile: United Arab Emirates
Oil-Rich UAE, Reaching for Stars, Gets Pulled Back Down to Earth
by Larry Luxner
Despite Dubai’s meteoric rise and equally spectacular fall, UAE Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba says the United Arab Emirates remains on sound economic footing.
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Law and Justice
Jury Out on Whether to Try Terrorists In Civilian Court or Military Tribunals
by Heather Mueller
Many embassies have discovered that serving as venues for private functions and events is a great way to spread cultural awareness while helping out the local community.

Retiring in Style
Active Seniors Retire ‘Old Folks Home’ To Live Up Golden Years With Glam

Just Like New
With People Staying Put, Designers Say Owners Should Make Most of Their Space

League of Their Own
Couple Works to Advance Arab Understanding in America

People of World Influence
Professor Says U.S. Must Look Inward,Curtail Imperialist Interventions Abroad
by Michael Coleman
Respected war vet and professor Andrew Bacevich urges American to look inward at its own formidable problems and less on trying to mold the rest of the world in its image.

Kurds Anxiously Eye Iraqi Elections, Hoping Unresolved Fissures Don’t Erupt
by Seth McLaughlin
Long after the ballots are counted from Iraq’s election this month, the deep-seeded issues that have divided the country’s Kurds and Arabs will keep festering until some tough compromises are made.

New U.S. Envoy to OAS Says Group Needs to Refocus, Fight for Democracy
by Larry Luxner
Facing a budget shortfall and referendum on its leadership, the Organization of American States will again be looking to prove itself to skeptics who say it’s wasteful, unmanageable and increasingly irrelevant.

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Embassies Serve as Coveted Venues But Doors Don’t Just Open for Anyone
by Heather Mueller
After months, even years, of discussion about a “civilian surge” to complement the military buildup in Afghanistan, the administration finally seems to be moving full steam ahead with the civilian component of its strategy.

Alzheimer’s Steals Even More When Disease Strikes Early
by Gina Shaw
Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease carries all the same burden that dementia puts on any family at any age, multiplied a hundredfold by the agony of losing one’s mind at 45 rather than 85.

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