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Children and Statelessness: A Q & A with Sebastian Kohn
Tracey Gurd
February 3, 2011
Shortly before presenting to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, Sebastian Kohn of the Open Society Justice Initiative talked about the under-recognized problem of stateless children and the overwhelming importance of ensuring access to the very basic right of nationality.
Ukraine: Stop Police Abuse of Methadone Patients
Maria Golovanevskaya
February 1, 2011
Political leaders in Ukraine must step in to halt police actions now endangering essential treatments for people living with and at risk for HIV.
Sierra Leoneans Await Final Taylor Judgment
Alpha Sesay
February 1, 2011
With lawyers set to deliver their closing arguments at the war-crimes trial of Charles Taylor, Sierra Leoneans are waiting for only one thing: the final word on whether he is guilty or innocent.
On Democracy in New Orleans—and America
Thomas Hilbink
January 28, 2011
Whatever happens in Washington (or Tucson) does not constitute the sum total of our democracy. Democracy happens in unadorned meeting rooms on quiet corners in New Orleans East and beyond.
Obama: Drugs Should Be Treated as "Public Health Problem"
Kathleen Kingsbury
January 28, 2011
In recent remarks on shifting resources in the U.S. "war on drugs," President Obama echoed many of the strides made in Portugal since that European nation decriminalized drugs in 2001.
Gay Rights Activist Murdered in Uganda
Heather Doyle
January 27, 2011
A prominent gay rights activist was found murdered in his home in Uganda. The government has created a hostile environment that puts the lives of human rights activists at risk.
Fighting for Women's Rights in Swaziland
Richard Lee
January 26, 2011
On paper Swaziland, Africa's last absolute monarchy, seems willing to respect and uphold women's rights. In practice, however, things are very different.
Australia's Complicity in Torture: No More Excuses
Ben Batros
January 26, 2011
In an age where any inquiry by a government into its complicity in rendition and torture is rare, a small step from Australia is welcome. But we should not confuse it with proper accountability.
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The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom
OSI-New York
February 7, 2011
A panel of distinguished guests will discuss The Net Delusion by former Open Society Fellow Evgeny Morozov.
The Perils and Promise of Mass Action Against Genocide in Africa
OSI-New York
February 8, 2011
In honor of a new book by activist and former Open Society Fellow Rebecca Hamilton, a panel of experts discuss how and whether the public can intervene to stop genocide.
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Kids Across the Caucasus
September 2010
Through photographs and interviews, this report showcases the work of several local civil society organizations that have taken up the challenge of developing models of education and social services for the most vulnerable children in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and the North Caucasus of Russia.
HIV Testing and Human Rights: Resources and Fact Sheets
January 2011
HIV testing is an important part of a comprehensive approach to HIV prevention and treatment, if it is provided in a way that respects basic human rights. However, there is growing evidence that in many countries women and marginalized groups are subjected to HIV testing practices that put them at risk of discrimination, and even violence.
Putting Complementarity into Practice
January 2011
This Open Society Justice Initiative report addresses major hurdles to prosecuting international crimes in the context of three countries: Kenya, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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