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03 Nov 2010 - 26 May 2019
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Are You Eligible for This World-Class Broadcast News Organization?
The International Broadcasting Bureau supports broadcasts to the world in 59 languages​. Our working environment is diverse, multicultural, and highly professional. We employ both U.S. Citizens and non-U.S. Citizens (in positions requiring foreign languages).
The International Broadcasting Bureau is an equal opportunity employer.
Current Openings
Job TitleJob No.GradeClose
Director, Office of ContractsM/P-11-16GS-1102-152/14/11
Director, Office of ContractsDEU-11-16GS-1102-152/14/11
Supervisor International Broadcaster (Hausa)NC-11-924GG-1001-1302/09/11
Supervisor International BroadcasterDEU-11-25GS-1001-1302/09/11
International Broadcaster (Dari)DEU-11-28GS-1001-1202/23/11
International Broadcaster (Dari)NC-11-928GG-1001-1202/23/11
Supervisory International BroadcasterDEU-11-29GS-1001-132/23/11
Supervisory Broadcaster (Bangla)NC-11-930GS-1001-1302/23/11
TV Production Specialist (French)DEU-11-31GS-1071-1202/23/11
TV Production Specialist (French)NC-11-931GG-1071-1302/23/11
Our Employees at Work
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Contact Information
Human Resources
330 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20237
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Receive an excellent salary and all the benefits of Federal employment,including:
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