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George Soros on the Roma: The Promise of Equality in Europe
February 7, 2011
In this brief video, George Soros and several Roma university students discuss why education is key to shattering stereotypes and ensuring that all Europeans can have a say in their own future.
Cambodia: A Quest for Justice
Asia Society, New York City
December 7, 2010
This panel discussion hosted by the Asia Society addresses the implications of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal.
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Children's Right to Nationality
February 2011
This Open Society Justice Initiative document makes the case that the UN must clarify the obligation that governments bear for stateless children.
Giving Mexico the Criminal Justice System It Deserves
Denise Tomasini-Joshi
February 10, 2011
Mexico is struggling to leave behind an outdated and ineffective criminal justice system. One state, Morelos, has taken an unprecedented step.
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Open Society Stories 2009
This brochure highlights recent Open Society Foundations activities, including supporting public health reform, advocating for fair distribution of natural resource riches, and improving the lives of Roma, immigrants, Muslims, and the developmentally disabled.
Moving Walls 17
The documentary photographs in this Open Society Foundations exhibition show how power can be used as an impediment to transparency, a mechanism for social control, and a tool for oppression, while also acknowledging the strength and defiance of people who suffer as a result.
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