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13 Jul 2010 - 1 Sep 2021
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One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
"Mosquito one, mosquito two, mosquito jump in a hot callaloo." What are the world's most popular number rhymes and how do they overlap between different cultures? Kim Normanton looks at the approaches to counting around the world.
China: Shaking the World
Michael Robinson examines the political, economic and cultural mechanisms of China's growing global influence.
One Block in Harlem
Michael Goldfarb explores Harlem, the most dynamic African-American neighbourhood in the US.
Japan: A Friend In Need
Can't think who to have as your best man? Lost your job and need a bogus boss to fool your family that you're still in work? The BBC's Tokyo correspondent Roland Buerk investigates Japan's growing "rent a friend" service sector.
23 mins
Open Eye
What sort of relationships do photojournalists form with the people and landscapes that are the subject of their pictures? Dalia Khamissy meets some of the families of the thousands of people who disappeared during Lebanon's civil war.
The Foods that Make Billions
How have advertisers and brand specialists convinced us to buy a commodity that is sold for a great deal more than it costs to produce? Louise Hidalgo looks at the exponential growth - and the cost - of the bottled water industry.
Lost Voices of Afghanistan
The BBC's War correspondent Jonathan Charles collects poetry from Afghan civilians reflecting on decades of conflict.
22 mins
Profile: Mohamed ElBaradei
Mukul Devichand tells the story of Mohamed ElBaradei, the Nobel Laureate and former Chief Weapons Inspector who some want to see as the next president of Egypt.
23 mins
Wikipedia at 10
On the eve of its 10th birthday, the BBC goes inside Wikipedia to find out what makes it one of the world’s most popular websites.
23 mins
Inside the IMF
Is the IMF up to the job of fixing the global economy? Stephanie Flanders reports.
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