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Jury deliberating in Newport News murder trial
Donald D. Smith was pulling into a parking lot at the Majik City strip club on Jefferson Avenue in March 2005 when a gunman stood in front of the car and opened fire — emptying an 11-round clip into Smith's Cadillac Escalade SUV.  Read more...
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PICTURES: Mug shots from local arrests
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Jury deliberating in Newport News murder trial
Emporia man in critical condition after shooting in Hampton
Michael Vick cancels Oprah interview for "personal reasons"
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Street Smart: Wittman touts telework bill that would give $1,000 tax credit
Parents and kids embracing the iPad for learning
Firefighters back at scene of brush fire in Suffolk
Newport News triple homicide suspect may have gone to family for help getting life straight
Shad Plank: Va. Attorney General Cuccinelli questioned by Rep. Bobby Scott
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Today's Top News Pictures and Video
Pioneering free black settlement at Green Spring
Irene Morgan refused to budge on Gloucester bus
Sidewalk preacher went to national radio

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The latest health and well-being news and information with advice on being a better you - at every life stage.​We also bring you live chats with health professionals as well as with parenting, nutrition and exercise experts.

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Several nursing homes land 5-star ratings
Transcripts of the live chat about the flu
Shingles vaccine available
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Picture gallery
mug shots
Rubberneckin' at accidents
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Savvy Shopper
Notice those gas prices lately? Savvy and Facebook readers have some cost cutting tips.
Black History
Local and shared American experiences - in stories, pictures and video
Think Green. St. Pat's Day
Everyone's Irish March 17 - but you can have the fun - any day.
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Cold, warm, wet or sunny? Every day is different in Hampton Roads.-
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Befriend bees with plants that help them thrive
Tamara Dietrich: Sting videos muckraking in action
David Teel: Cavaliers inept on offense in loss to Duke
Brian Kirwin: Va. suffers from Freshmanitus
David Teel: Though reeling, U.Va. could pull upset vs. Duke or Hokies
Carol Capó: Of muskets and mental health
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The Shad Plank: State & local politics
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Newport News
Residents brace for rising gas prices
Mother, boyfriend charged with child neglect
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Homes at Monroe up for discussion
Hampton murder case dropped before trial
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Supervisors reject coyote bounty
Same-sex couples request marriage licenses
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Williamsburg/JCCMore Virginia Gazette >>
Poquoson School Board approved revised early retirement, set budget timeline
Legal maneuvering continues in York civil case alleging bullying caused student's suicide
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Isle of Wight
Surry gets new workforce center
Carrollton woman's sewing mission for Afghanistan is stuck in red tape
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 World News
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 Virginia Beach
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 Outer Banks
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  1. Look for Vick on a national talk show — even if it's not Oprah
  2. Jury deliberating in Newport News murder trial
  3. Emporia man in critical condition after shooting in Hampton
  4. Residents brace for rising gas prices
  5. Newport News triple homicide suspect may have gone to family for help getting life straight
  6. Michael Vick cancels Oprah interview for "personal reasons"
  7. Mother, boyfriend charged with child neglect
  8. Lady Antebellum's Grammy upset? Blame it on Nixon
  9. Bathroom fire sparks investigation at Kecoughtan High in Hampton
  10. Man receives 14 years in prison for a 2009 carjacking and abduction
Top Videos
Video: Girl with 12 fingers, 14 toes aims for a record
VIDEO: Westminster Dog Show, Finals Night
Caught on Camera: Bomb tech dances to Lady Gaga
Raw Video: Controversial hockey shot
Saluting Stan Musial in DC: Medal of Freedom Honors Near
Watercooler News
Lawsuit filed in beef over Taco Bell 'meat'Hero Pooch: Dog Saves Allergic Boy From Swarm of Bees
Feedback 2/17: Didn't get text alertBe the first to know! Text LOTTERY to 71593 to receive latest winning lottery numbers. Click here for other text alert options.
Computer 'Watson' dominates Day 2 of 'Jeopardy'Linda C. Black Horoscopes for February 17, 2011
Pictures: Sports Illustrated 2011 swimsuit modelsDaily Sudoku
Weird News
Leader stuns voters with robocalls
Putin criticizes Customs' YouTube video
Athlete cleared of drunk-driving after flap over cat
Zoo prepares cross-eyed cat for celebrity
New York City launches app for free condoms
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Celebrities, entertainment & just plain silly stuff
Today's Poll Question
POLL: If cartoon dogs were allowed in the Westminster Kennel Club competition who would you vote for?
The Scottish deer hound took "Best in Show" this week at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club dog show. But that competition is only open to real dogs. If it were open to cartoon dogs, who would you vote for?
  • Scooby Doo (great dane)
  • Snoopy (beagle)
  • Hank Hill's LadyBird (bloodhound)
  • Bart Simpson's Santa's Little Helper (retired racing greyhound)
  • The Jetsons' Astro (mixed breed)
  • Dick Dastardly's Muttley (mixed breed)
  • Huckleberry Hound (mixed breed)
  • Blue from Blue's Clues (mixed breed)
  • Underdog (superhero / shoeshine boy)
  • Clifford (big red dog)
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