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Friday, Jan. 28, 2011
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Dwyer case may go to court
By Michael Miller, michael.miller@latimes.com
The dispute over the planned solar panels at Dwyer Middle School may soon head to court, an attorney said during a student rally Thursday.
Problems grow over city tree
By Mona Shadia, mona.shadia@latimes.com
Although a city tree is damaging Paul and Sherie Bastien's property, they can't get rid of it, they say.
Developer challenges skate park plans
By Mona Shadia, mona.shadia@latimes.com
Surf City may soon add a skate park to its list of attractions, but the project may be met with opposition from a developer who instead...
Reporter's Notebook: Free 'my' Egypt
By Mona Shadia, mona.shadia@latimes.com
Anyone who knows me knows how passionately proud I am to refer to the River Nile of Egypt as my mother, the Great Pyramids as my uncles.
Huntington tops DUI collisions list
By Michael Miller, michael.miller@latimes.com
Editor's note: This corrects the headline. The number of injuries and deaths are not ranked.
No beer, wine for Bomburger
By Mona Shadia, mona.shadia@latimes.com
The Huntington Beach Planning Commission denied a downtown burger joint's request on Tuesday to serve beer and wine to its customers.
  1. Huntington tops DUI collisions list
  2. Dwyer case may go to court
  3. Former Dwyer Middle School principal: Blame me
  4. Problems grow over city tree
  5. On Theater: Intimate play takes over at Golden West for Valentine's Day
  6. Developer challenges skate park plans
  7. Coroner IDs teens found dead
  8. No beer, wine for Bomburger
  9. Edison is No. 1 for a reason
  10. Oilers go the distance
Oilers go the distance
Chargers get healthy, win
Edison is No. 1 for a reason
Briefly In Sports
There's a World Cup feeling when these guys play soccer
Ocean View dominates
On Theater: Intimate play takes over at Golden West for Valentine's Day
Classically Trained: Stories from a more musically golden age
Old tradition to celebrate new year
On Theater: Savagery onstage in Westminster
Battle of the (pastrami) bulge
Presale tickets available for Taste of HB
Public Safety
By Michael Miller, michael.miller@latimes.com
A day before parents and students plan to rally in front of Dwyer Middle School to oppose a solar-panel project, the school's former...
By Michael Miller, michael.miller@latimes.com
Two teenagers whose bodies were found Friday in a vacant Huntington Beach apartment have been identified by the coroner.
By Britney Barnes and Mona Shadia, britney.barnes@latimes.com;
Coast Community College District Chancellor Ding-Jo Currie has announced that she will retire at the end of the school year. Currie...
A week after a heated meeting in which the Huntington Beach City School District Board of Trustees reaffirmed its vote for solar panels in...
By Michael Miller
Meet Don Ruisinger, the Jim Joyce of Dwyer Middle School.
By Vic Leipzig and Lou Murray
Last fall, the weather experts predicted that we would have a La Niña winter this year. That meant it would be relatively dry. Then...
By Greer Wylder
If working out in a traditional gym is not your thing, consider Hidden Talents, an acclaimed studio in Huntington Beach that offers atypical...
By Michael Miller
Robyn Monroe considers sailing a character-developing activity for kids, one that encourages teamwork, courage and responsibility.
California's taxpayers are under attack once again. Gov. Jerry Brown announced his proposal for the 2011-12 budget year, and if you pay...
I love Huntington Beach. I love everything about it, and I say that with the utmost sincerity. I've lived in Surf City all of my life. My...
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