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Why do we continue to think that rising home prices are a good thing?
CBS reporter's attack draws some offensive comments
Technology: Is there room for Hipstamatic in photojournalism?
Budget cuts or higher parking-lot fees? Tough decisions ahead at L.A. City Hall
Are you on Team Obama or Team Boehner?
Steve Lopez: Are ex-Bell officials hogs or pigs?
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People are saying:
I am no big fan of Sarah Palin, but she is dead right on this. Using gun metaphors has nothing to do with this shooting. What are we, a nation of morons, who cannot tell the difference between imagery and killing? Children can watch Elmer Fudd shoot at Bugs Bunny all day long, and they know it's not a real gun (at least, until about 20 years ago, when the politically-correct stampede insisted on telling us that Bugs Bunny is "dangerous").
-- visibleholstein
commenting on 'Sarah Palin unapologetic after criticism related to Arizona shootings'
Love us
To those of you who [angrily] feel that the L.A. Times is "too liberal" and "hate it", why are you here? I mean, I think Fox News is the Republican propaganda channel -- so I don't watch it, don't comment on their web site (do they have one?) and find arguing my point with any of their followers pointless. So why do you feel compelled to come in here each and every day complaining?
Hate us
don't like ya. way to liberal and one sided. i don't get it, your subscriptions have decreased ten fold and yet, you continue to report the news according to YOUR bias instead of simply reporting the news on both sides.
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Recent comment on HOMICIDE REPORT:
It is beyond belief that people who are commenting on this story are actually in support of this person. ... it is no wonder why this site is filled each week with people who are murdred in this great city.
-- P.C., on Jack Schlesinger, 25, died Sept. 28, 2010
Readers' Representative Journal
A conversation on newsroom ethics and standards
ASNE honors Bell coverage, Davidson photos
02/16/2011, 5:01 p.m.
CBS reporter's attack draws some offensive comments
02/16/2011, 1:12 p.m.
Overheard: Grammys, Egypt, Lindsay Lohan
02/15/2011, 6:32 p.m.
Jimmy Orr named managing editor, online
02/15/2011, 5:58 p.m.
Times responds to criticism of teacher analysis
02/14/2011, 1:14 p.m.
Opinion L.A.
The best in Southern California opinion journalism, Monday through Friday
Government: Favoring cops over fighter planes and rocket ships
02/16/2011, 5:06 p.m.
Feb. 16, 2011 buzz: Talking 'birther blather' and essential foreign aid
02/16/2011, 3:41 p.m.
Politics: But saying 'means-testing' will vaporize you
02/16/2011, 2:32 p.m.
Entertainment: Long Beach, the chameleon by the sea
02/16/2011, 1:13 p.m.
Technology: Is there room for Hipstamatic in photojournalism?
02/16/2011, 10:56 a.m.
A conversation about the national conversation
Lindsay Lohan won't be appearing on David Letterman show despite Michael Lohan's attempts
02/16/2011, 1:58 p.m.
McWeddings are the new way to fry the knot
02/16/2011, 1:25 p.m.
Video of the Day: Underheard in New York
02/16/2011, 12:22 p.m.
Video of the Day: Unrest in Iran
02/15/2011, 3:44 p.m.
'Curveball' admits he lied about Iraq biological weapons
02/15/2011, 1:14 p.m.
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The proposed federal budget; GOP attacks on Planned Parenthood; saving L.A.'s library system
02/16/2011, 7:33 a.m.
What's next for Egypt; the saga of Lindsay Lohan; Ramona Ripston steps down at the ACLU
02/15/2011, 7:27 a.m.
L.A. City Atty. Carmen Trutanich's filing of charges against protesters; Tim Rutten on new-media journalism; an English-only bill
02/14/2011, 7:39 a.m.
Michael Kinsley comparing Presidents Reagan and Obama; Escondido's crackdown on illegal immigrants; Rep. Jane Harman's decision to leave Congress
02/11/2011, 7:09 a.m.
Budget problems in Texas; U.S. demands for reform in Egypt; Hector Tobar on birthright citizenship
02/10/2011, 7:27 a.m.
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