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Are anti-depressants over-prescribed? Effective? Feb. 17
Healthcare law changes, Feb. 17
Is weight loss surgery right for me? Feb. 18
Booster Shots
Oddities, musings and some news from the world of health
Sen. Scott Brown reveals abuse -- and a pain other survivors knowUpdated 4:58 p.m.
Center for Science in the Public Interest launches another attack -- this time against caramel coloringUpdated 4:57 p.m.
The healthy side of stimulus spending: Weight Watchers and access to a gym
Severely obese women may need to cut back on weight gain during pregnancy
Growth hormone: Less may be more, study suggests
Knee replacements hold up well after 20 years
Biomarker could signal a meniscus tear
Two Guys Lose Weight: I want to pig out at Fatburger!
Fine for New York, but where's the free condom app for the rest of us?
Cell-culture influenza vaccine proves effective, could speed production
Suppression of human growth hormone may ward off cancer, diabetes
Anyone seeking the fountain of youth should think twice before turning to growth hormone, a fast-growing trend in anti-aging fringe medicine. If conclusions from a study of an obscure population...
Study says crib-related injuries harm nearly 10,000 infants yearly; new ban may reduce numbers
CHICAGO (AP) — Almost 10,000 infants and toddlers are hurt in crib and playpen accidents each year, according to the first nationwide analysis of emergency room treatment for these injuries.
7 states get grants to develop online shopping systems for health insurance
The Obama administration awarded $241 million in grants to seven states to develop new Internet-based systems that would let many Americans shop for health insurance online.
Zinc found to be effective in treating colds
People who begin using zinc lozenges, tablets or syrup at the first signs of a cold are more likely to get well faster, researchers reported Tuesday. But the new findings probably won't be the last...
This Week in L.A. Times Health
Weightlifting can be helpful for obese kids
Frequent use of over-the-counter painkillers carries real risks
Prepare for a 'good death' with an advance directive and effective surrogates
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This week's dose of consumer health articles, tips and more.
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Dose information: Over-the-counter pain medicine
Tips: Dealing with medicine side effects and interactions
Ask Harvard Health Experts
Help reduce hot flashes without hormones
You can reduce your risk of pancreatic cancer
What drugs are best to treat high blood pressure in diabetics?
Do I have hypomania?
Try conservative measures before injections for spinal fracture due to osteoporosis
What causes a narrow esophagus?
Heart Health: How to Save Your Life
These articles help explain what doctors are doing, and what you can do, to keep your heart as healthy as possible.
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New campaign urges women to call 911 at heart attack warning signs
Marla Kalish, 58, of Highland Park, started experiencing chest pressure five years ago during her morning tennis matches. When she slowed...
What's the key to long-term heart health?
Moderation is Jesse Weiskopf's philosophy. Weiskopf, who just celebrated his 97th birthday, never really worked out hard when he was...
Calories on menus don't affect kids' food choices
Requiring fast-food restaurants in New York City to post calorie counts on menus did little to cut the number of calories children and teens...
Most recalled medical devices received speedy FDA review
A disproportionate number of medical devices recalled because of possible links to serious health problems or deaths — including...
Experts seek to change confusing medication labels
"Take two tablets by mouth twice daily." This printed instruction, common on prescription pill bottles, might seem straightforward. Yet in a...
Two-thirds of uninsured Californians could gain health coverage in 2014, report says
Nearly 5 million uninsured Californians could gain access to health coverage in 2014 when the nation's healthcare law expands eligibility...
New guidelines would make school lunches healthier
— School cafeterias would have to hold the fries — and serve kids more whole grains, fruits and vegetables — under the...
Opposition to healthcare law eases, poll finds
— Hard feelings over President Obama's healthcare overhaul have subsided, with only about 1 in 4 people supporting its repeal, an...
FAQ: How the Medicare doughnut hole is disappearing
The widely unpopular "doughnut hole" -- the coverage gap in the Medicare drug benefit -- is headed for oblivion, under the new health law....
'Black Swan's' psychological spin
What is fantasy, delusion or psychosis is hard to tell in the Oscar-nominated film.
Medical miracles for wounded warriors
Sometime this year, at the Army Institute of Surgical Research at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, more severely burned service members will benefit...
Video: Breakthrough stem cell procedure used to help child with rare condition
It's a rare condition, where part of the disability is apparently not caring one bit about having a disability. Meet 4-and-a-half-year-old...
More Health Topics
A diet higher in fiber may lead to a longer life
20 cheap eats for under $20 in San Francisco
Photos: The 53rd Grammy Awards | The show
Tapatío hot sauce maker's recipe for success
Home tour: Medieval-meets-modern in the hills

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