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Nokia-Microsoft​: The announcement | The strategy | The layoffs | Elop interview [Mobilized]
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Kim-Mai Cutler​Reporter, Inside Mobile Apps
On Quora, Journalism and Disintermediation
When I turned down my parents’ Tiger Mom-like ambitions in favor of journalism years ago, the technology and media industries were worlds apart.
Ryan Singel​Staff Writer, Wired
Report: Egypt Shut Down Net With Big Switch, Not Phone Calls
The Egyptian government shut down most of its country’s internet not by phoning ISPs one at a time, but by simply throwing a switch in a crucial data center in Cairo.
Ashley Parker​Reporter, New York Times
Fake Twitter Accounts Get Real Laughs
When a blizzard blanketed Chicago last week, “Rahm Emanuel” took to Twitter to chronicle his day - making a snow angel on Lake Michigan, shoveling out David Axelrod’s Civic, drinking whiskey in an igloo made by a tireless campaign intern named Carl.
Tom McGeveran​Co-Founder and Editor, Capital New York
On the 'Craigslist Congressman': Gawker Licks Many Toads, But Chris Lee's a Prince
The resignation of Rep. Chris Lee of Buffalo yesterday just three hours after Gawker broke the story of the congressman's internet transactions with a woman on Craigslist (in furtherance of which he took a shirtless posing-picture of himself on his Blackberry to send to her) has provoked the usual discussions.
Adam D'Augelli​Analyst, True Ventures
The Future of the Programmable Web
Looking back at history, it’s amazing to see how much the process of launching a web-based business has changed since the late 1990s.
John Gruber​Editor, Daring Fireball
The Next Six Months
HP today announced their answer to the iPad: the TouchPad — a name that, not coincidentally, is drawn from those of two best-selling iOS devices.
Robin Sloan​Blogger, Twitter
#repetition #repetition #repetition
This might be the most useful graph you see all week: I mean, the implications are obvious… right?
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Friday, February 11, 2011
Raptr Snags $15 Million in Capital for Social Gaming Platform
Raptr, which is building a social gaming platform that lets players track achievements and connect to friends on gaming consoles, has raised $15 million in capital. The round was led by DAG Ventures, with Tenaya Capital and Accel Partners also participating. In total, the Mountain View, Calif. company has raised $27 million. Raptr claims it is adding 750,000 new users a month and has a current total of six million.
Posted by Tricia Duryee at 4:18 pm PT
Microsoft Suit Against Salesforce Just Got Ugly
by Arik Hesseldahl in NewEnterprise at 3:41 pm PT
Microsoft has sued to stop its former head of government sales from going to work for Salesforce.com. Now it says it found confidential documents on his personal computer. Read More »
Lawmaker Introduces New Privacy Bill
by Julia Angwin, Scott Thurm and Michael Hickins | Reporters, The Wall Street Journal in Voices at 3:19 pm PT
Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., introduced a bill Friday that would give the Federal Trade Commission authority to establish an online do-not-track system. The bill is the first in this session to specifically tackle the creation of a do-not-track system, according to a spokesman for Ms. Speier. Read More »
Pandora Files to Raise $100 Million in IPO
by Tricia Duryee in eMoney at 2:49 pm PT
Let the floodgates open. First it was LinkedIn, and now it is the music-streaming service Pandora that has filed for an initial public offering. Read More »
Intel: MeeGo-ing Forward Even Without Nokia
by John Paczkowski in Digital Daily at 2:05 pm PT
Nokia’s commitment to MeeGo may be tenuous after today’s big announcement, but Intel’s is unwavering. The chip giant says it’s sticking with the Linux-based mobile platform regardless of where its partner’s head is at these days. Read More »
Nokia/Microsoft Slogan Session
by Nitrozac and Snaggy in Voices at 1:23 pm PT
Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac and Snaggy. Joy of Tech appears three times a week in the Voices section of this site. (Click on the image to see a bigger version.) Read More »
1 Comment
With Mubarak Out, an Egyptian Venture Firm Goes Back to Work
by Lizette Chapman | Reporter, The Wall Street Journal in Voices at 12:48 pm PT
As Egypt President Hosni Mubarak steps down today, Hany Al-Sonbaty has returned to work with renewed determination. The co-founder and managing partner of new Egyptian venture capital firm Sawari Ventures launched the Cairo-based firm in January, just a week before riots broke out with protesters demanding improved living conditions and a change in the country’s leadership. Read More »
QOTD: Nokia Loses Passion–And Right Before Valentine’s Day
“I worry about my old friends a lot. I’m sad to see they no longer trust they can make a difference. They’ve given up and given away their passion. Sorry, that ain’t gonna work. You must believe yourself and what you are up to, and you must believe you can change the world. That’s the only way I know.”
–​Former Nokia exec Ari Jaaksi, who now serves as senior vice president of webOS at Hewlett-Packard’s Palm division​, on Nokia’s new partnership with Microsoft
Groupon Defeated in Super Bowl: CEO Apologizes, Pulls All TV Commercials
by Tricia Duryee in eMoney at 12:06 pm PT
After controversy plagued its multimillion-dollar ad campaign launched during the Super Bowl, Groupon has issued a formal apology and has made the drastic decision to pull all three TV commercials. Read More »
Sports Illustrated Gets the Tablet Subscriptions It Wants. Do Tablet Users Want Sports Illustrated Subscriptions?
by Peter Kafka in MediaMemo at 11:31 am PT
Time Inc.’s deal with Google’s Android gives it the terms it has yet to get from Apple. Which means subscribers can now pay a lot less to get digital magazines. Will that make them a success? Read More »
MPEG LA Coming After Google’s VP8 Video Codec
by John Paczkowski in Digital Daily at 11:20 am PT
Is Google’s VP8 video codec free from patent liability? We’re about to find out. MPEG LA, the consortium that controls the AVC/H.264 video standard, issued a call for patents thought to be essential to VP8 today, a first step in the creation of a patent pool for the specification. Read More »
Wael Ghonim: Egypt Was “Revolution 2.0″ (Video)
by Liz Gannes in NetworkEffect at 10:57 am PT
“If you want to liberate a society, just give them the Internet,” Egyptian activist and Google executive Wael Ghonim said today. Read More »
Former Microsoft Exec Pursuing New Opportunities at Nokia; Former Nokia President Just Pursuing New Opportunities
by John Paczkowski in Digital Daily at 10:35 am PT
Looks like Nokia’s search for a new North American chief to succeed President Mark Louison has turned up a willing replacement: Former Microsoft executive Chris Weber. Read More »
The Internet’s Gatekeepers
by Nick Feamster | assistant professor, Georgia Tech School of Computer Science in Voices at 9:46 am PT
Nearly 60 countries around the world censor Internet communications in some form, but Egypt’s recent complete shutdown of Internet communications was unprecedented. Should free and open communication—particularly free and open communication via the Internet—be considered an unalienable right? How much control should a government or Internet service provider wield over its citizens’ communications? Read More »
Early Adopter: Connect Your Personal Data Pipes Together With Ifttt’s Digital Duct Tape
by Drake Martinet | Associate Editor, All Things Digital in Voices at 9:00 am PT
APIs make the personal Web go round, but for years now, dealing with them has been the domain of the programmer. Now, San Francisco start-up ifttt is hoping to use super-simple design to allow ordinary users to bend pieces of the Web to their own will and create connections between previously siloed services. No coding required. Read More »
Nokia’s Stephen Elop Talks to Mobilized About the Big Microsoft Deal (Video)
by Ina Fried in Mobilized at 7:23 am PT
In an interview, Nokia’s Stephen Elop tells Mobilized why he went with Microsoft over Android and how the company expects to turn its patent portfolio into a far more lucrative business. Read More »
Massive Layoffs Expected at Nokia
by John Paczkowski in Digital Daily at 7:02 am PT
Nokia’s decision to make Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS its primary smartphone platform is a bold move. It’s also one that presages a tough next couple of years for the Finnish company and significant layoffs. Read More »
You’ve Got Labor Problems, Again! AOL’s HuffPo Gripe Seems Very Familiar.
by Peter Kafka in MediaMemo at 5:30 am PT
The good news for angry HuffPo bloggers who want to get paid for their unpaid work: AOL volunteers made the same argument during Bubble 1.0 and ended up winning! The bad news: It took a lawsuit, and more than a decade, to extract the cash. (And the HuffPo writers may not have a case, anyway.) Read More »
1 Comment
Animation Nation
by Ellen Gamerman | Reporter, The Wall Street Journal in Voices at 5:00 am PT
Last fall, television actor Richard Ruccolo sat down to make an animated movie about life in Hollywood. Twenty minutes later, a frustrated actor and a clueless talent agent, played by two cuddly-looking stuffed animals, strolled across his computer screen. Within two days, people were watching Mr. Ruccolo’s cartoon at talent agencies, management firms and TV studios around Los Angeles. Read More »
Austan Goolsbee Explains Obama’s Wireless Plan in Three Minutes (Video)
by Arik Hesseldahl in NewEnterprise at 4:19 am PT
The chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers makes a short case for the National Wireless Initiative. Read More »
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