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More Cash?
Banks are requiring bigger down payments, to minimize defaults. (​Discuss | See related article)
What size down payment should be required for a mortgage?  
Less than 5% | 6-10% | 11-15% | 16-20%
21-25% | 26% or higher
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Question of the Day: Should plastic grocery bags be banned?
Should entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security be targeted for substantial spending cuts?
Have you gotten a raise in the past year?
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How do you get your books these days?
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Asked by Jeevan Anand
Q: What do you think of a zero tax base system? We would pay only for the services we need: no welfare except for donations to needy, no government-regulated health care, a toll-road system, no environmental department, paying only for what we need? It would be a true capitalist system.
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This is going to be a big year for change in the middle east. It is truly awesome to see people exercising their right to protest even though it isn't respected in many other countries. We in the U.S. sometimes take for granted our constitutional right to go out and make our voices heard.
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