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College Parties, Minus the Beer Binges
A growing number of no-alcohol programs are springing up on college campuses to provide alternatives to shots and beer pong.
Video: Choosing a Drink-Free College Life
Work & Family Mailbox: Teens Helping Seniors Learn Tech Skills
The Juggle: Curbing College Drinking
The High Price of Crying On the Job
Have you ever cried on the job? Or have you been faced with a crying employee or colleague? Crying on the job, at least for women, is almost always perceived badly, especially when done at a public meeting, a performance review or because of work stress.
Smoker? No Job for You!
Hiring managers are typically not allowed to discriminate on the basis or race or gender. But what about smoking? A growing number of hospitals and other companies have adopted controversial policies allowing them to turn down smokers as job applicants.
Does Your Work Wife Get a Valentine?
When Valentine's Day rolls around, some co-workers want to celebrate their deep—yet platonic—bond with their office spouse.
Video: Valentine for Your Work Spouse
The Juggle: Do You Have a 'Work Spouse'?
Laid Off and Launching
Several states allow aspiring entrepreneurs to collect unemployment benefits—while they're building their business.
The Benefits of a Class Act
Life as a Working Mom of Four
How one WSJ editor manages working full time with raising four close-in-age daughters.
Five Signs You're a Bad Boss
Many managers are clueless about how they appear to employees. Here are five signals you may be one of them.
Higher Pay Gains Are Seen for 2011
U.S. workers have reason to hope for slightly better pay raises this year, a shift that could add momentum to the economic recovery.
Vote: Have you gotten a raise in the past year?
B-Schools Struggle to Get Global
Business schools like to tout their focus on globalization, but a new report from a b-school accrediting agency says most of their strategies don't go far enough.
Job Tax Plan Lands With a Thud
Republicans on Capitol Hill responded with hostility to a White House proposal to allow states to raise unemployment insurance taxes. But in some cash-strapped states, officials said the plan should be considered.
Vote: Should employers pay more?
Graphic: The Unemployed | Map: States in Red
Labor Shortage Persists in Some Fields
Companies are starting to hire again, but finding highly qualified applicants for more technical positions is proving a challenge for some firms.
Layoffs Down but Hiring Slow
Flexibility vs. Stimulating Work?
Facebook Firing Case Is Settled
German CEO's Remark Backfires
Vineyard Ownership Perils
Hire Education
Don't Give In to Job Desperation
Your job search is not a sprint, it's a marathon.
Gambling With Your Career
Channeling That Animal Spirit
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Using a Board Seat as a Stepping Stone
For many executives, a corporate directorship offers a route to move ahead. Here's how.
A Tale of Two Students
In middle school, Ivan and Laura shared a brief romance and a knack for trouble. Then they parted ways. Now he is college-bound and she isn't. How different schools shaped their paths.
Vote: Should more charter schools be built?
Charter-School Advocates Raise Cap
Re-Entering the Work Force
Starting any new job is hard, and coming back to work after a long layoff can be even harder. Here's how to make a successful re-entry.
Discuss: Have you come back from a layoff?
Career Strategies
MBA Grads Face Tough Job Market
The job market for business-school students is better than last year, but still isn't back to pre-recession levels, says the head of MBA Career Services Council.
Bosses' Small Gestures Send Big Signals
Job Hunting on the Sly
SEC Urged to Revise 'Whistleblower' Plan
Big companies are urging the SEC to revise rules for awarding bounties to workers under the agency's proposed "whistleblower" program.
CEO: Google 'Very Proud' of Ghonim
Precious Metals Weigh on Manufacturers
A woman has been appointed dean of the Ross School of Business--the first in the school's 87-year-history, and still a relative rarity among business schools.
Who's News
The head of Cisco Systems' consumer-products business will leave the company, a spokeswoman announced in a company blog post Thursday.
By Joann S. Lublin
Out of Office, Seeking Second Act
By Sue Shellenbarger
College Parties, Minus the Beer Binges
By Staff
Help, Google Knows About My Speeding Ticket
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Business Schools
Michigan B-School Names First Female Dean
A woman has been appointed dean of the Ross School of Business--the first in the school's 87-year-history, and still a relative rarity among business schools.
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SEC, CFTC and IRS Make Case for Hundreds of Hires in 2012
SocGen Headcount Flat, Compensation up
Barclays Grows Staff and Compensation, Bonuses Slashed
IBM's Amrit Williams Goes From the Dark Avenger to Big Blue
How to Find a Mentor and Make the Relationship Work for Your Technology Career
Nokia Workers Could Have Seen It Coming, Should Be Proactive
Naked's Neal Davies on His Career and Why Advertising Is Like Christianity
How to Use Social Media to Get a Job in Social Media
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Why an ARM May Beat a Fixed-Rate Mortgage
Why You Should Buy That Home Now
What You Need to Know About the 2012 Budget
Estate Taxes: The Worst Places to Die (The Tax Guy)
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