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14 Jan 2010 - 14 Nov 2020
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Mystery Clouds Belgian Collector's Sale of Chinese Art
The 46-Hour Kiss
Walking-Away Money: What's Your Number?
Chinese TV, Movies Get Smoke Screen
China's media watchdog has introduced a new rule to limit smoking scenes in Chinese film and television series.
'Shaolin' and Director Benny Chan
"Shaolin" -- the new movie from leading Hong Kong director Benny Chan -- has become only the second film to earn the Zen Buddhist temple's stamp of approval. Watch the trailer and stills from the movie.
'Detective Dee' Tops HK Film Award Nominees
Director Tsui Hark's Tang Dynasty-era whodunit leads this year's Hong Kong Film Awards race with 13 nominations, including best film and best director.
Food & Drink
A Philly Cheesesteak in Jakarta?
Potato Head is one of the hippest eating spots in Jakarta. The Jakarta Post has called it "Hot Potato" and it is a preferred spot for the city's business-clad up-and-comers. But is the food any good?
The $22,000 Martini
Valentine's Day always brings in a fair share of romantic gestures, but the folks at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo have more in mind than just flowers and chocolates: a 1.8 million yen (about US$22,000) cocktail.
Around the World by Food Truck
Look out -- your neighborhood food truck may have come all the way from Singapore.
Life & Culture
In Malaysia, Watch Out for the Valentine's Day Police
Lovers in Malaysia beware: The Valentine's Day police are on the way.
Is this Guy the Next Stieg Larsson?
Japanese crime writer Keigo Higashino's book sales number in the millions in Japan. His latest, "The Devotion of Suspect X," was published in the U.S. on Feb. 1. Will he experience runaway international success along the likes of Swedish author Stieg Larsson?
The Dirt on Luxury Logos in Shanghai
In "Colors," part of a show at the Shanghai Gallery of Art, artist Mu Chen took a variety of Chinese soils -- red, black, brown and green -- and packed them into molds shaped like famous global-brand logos, from swoosh to apple, using a centuries-old construction technique.
Hello Panda, Bye-bye Kitty?
Hi Panda is no Hello Kitty. In fact, the Chinese brand with the grumpy mascot is far edgier than the Sanrio cat.
A Western Look Heads East
Call it the "True Grit" effect if you will, but in some trendy parts of Asia, you can see Navajo-style patterns on sweaters, scarves and patches on jeans. What's up?
Who Made the Bed in the Maroon 5 Video?
A bed that appears at the beginning of the new Maroon 5 video, "Never Going to Leave This Bed," was designed by Kenneth Cobonpue, a Filipino furniture designer based in Cebu, Philippines.
Five Easy Pieces for Fall
Wearable details such as lace, black leather, fur trim and the color of rust are likely to trickle down to shoppers.
Photos: Trends on the Runway: Lace, Leather, Fur
Democratic Design: Voting on Dresses
In an attempt to broaden his brand beyond department stores and boutiques, designer Derek Lam is putting dress designs on his eBay storefront and allowing shoppers to vote on their favorites.
Fashion Week's Power Partiers
A group of social, glamorous-looking people act as room fillers during New York Fashion Week's runway shows and after-parties. We give a sampling of the most enthusiastic attendees.
When the Laptop Is the Accessory
Walt Mossberg reviews the Atrix 4G, an Android smartphone that acts as the brains of a small laptop device.
Video: Mossberg Reviews the Atrix
IBM Computer Beats 'Jeopardy' Champions
IBM's Watson computer handily defeated two former "Jeopardy" champions in a nationally televised competition.
Single Asian President Seeks Soul Mate
There's one thing about their government that Filipinos can't get enough of: coverage of their bachelor president's love life.
Photos: No Easy Love for Philippine Presidents
Arts & Entertainment
True Artistry Born of Craftsmanship
"Guitar Heroes," at the Metropolitan Museum, explores the innovation of guitar making that traces its roots from modern-day New York back to the violins of Stradivari.
The Maestro's Israel Bonds
Conductor Zubin Mehta reflects on a half-century of collaboration with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.
China Celebrates Lantern Festival
China's Lantern Festival falls on Thursday in the Year of the Rabbit. People watch lanterns, eat glutinous rice balls and perform folk dances to officially mark the end of the 15-day spring festival celebration. See photos.
Air Jordan Channels the Chinese Zodiac
The latest addition to Nike's Air Jordan basketball shoe series comes with a limited-edition celebrating Michael Jordan's Chinese zodiac sign.
The Unexpected Death of Santi Santamaria
Spanish chef Santi Santamaria, 53 years old, died Wednesday night in his Singapore restaurant, Santi, in the Marina Bay Sands casino-resort complex.
Molecular Masala
At the popular new restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok, the back of the house resembles a chemistry laboratory as much as it does a kitchen.
Regal Living
House of the Day: Regal Hotels International is best known for its hotels in Hong Kong. But it has put a 4,922-square-foot renovated townhouse on the market, subject to offer.
The Sweeter Side of Wine
Mystery Clouds Belgian Collector's Sale of Chinese Art
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Designers Trim Hemlines, Costs
Runway fashions get revamped as cotton, wool, leather and silk prices rise.
Heard on the Runway
See photos and videos of the runway shows, and get the latest trends and gossip from fashion week.
Michael Kors Fall 2011 Collection
Michael Kors's clothes look smart, they last from season to season like investments, and this season, he pressed a long, lean, monochrome look, writes Christina Binkley.
Health & Wellness
Drug Shows Promise For Newborn Blindness
An inexpensive dose of Avastin injected into the eyes far surpassed a conventional laser treatment in fixing a leading cause of blindness in babies born prematurely.
The NFL's $1 Billion Game of Chicken
The NFL labor strife comes down to something rather simple: the league has run out of new ways to make another quick $1 billion, so it's turning its focus to the biggest piggy bank of all: its own players.
As China grows wealthier and builds up its military, other nations in the region are taking note—and amassing weapons of their own.
Arts & Entertainment
The computer outsmarted its human competition in Game 1 of the Man vs. Machine competition on "Jeopardy!"
Food & Drink
A Pie Fight Starts Over a Cream-Filled Cake
Pennsylvania and Maine are fighting over who gets credit for whoopie pies -- frosting-filled, hamburger-size sandwich desserts.
Food & Dining
Lahore Karahi: Pakistani-Indian Home Cooking
The Master Chart of Fashion Influence
The fashion world may often inhabit its own bubble, but fashion doesn't exist in its own vacuum. Designers are influenced by other designers, past and present, whether they realize it or not—and whether they admit it or not.
The Business Traveler's Secret Weapon: a Great Coat
Looking Youthful, Not Schoolgirl
Panama, Ho!
Setting sail on a yacht should be the only way to get from Colombia to Panama—and it nearly is.
More Passengers for San Francisco Airport
Confessions of a Chair Fanatic
Electronic Fixes for Driver Error
The flap over sudden acceleration in Toyota cars gave automotive electronic systems a black eye. So what's in store now that officials have concluded that people are to blame for most accidents caused by runaway cars? It may mean even more electronics in cars.
Biodiesel Boom Puts Drivers in Grease Trap
Why Does the Maybach 62S Cost $500,000?
Homes & Garden
Taking Chalet Chic to the City
Gone are the kitsch cut-out hearts in Tyrolean three-legged chairs and the red-checked curtains: Chalet chic today is about creating a modern space that is not only comfortable but also unfussy, eco-friendly and tactile.
How to Posh-Up Kitchen Shelves
The Pampered Countertop
By Elizabeth Bernstein
How---And Why---to Say 'I Love You'
By Christina Binkley
What Your Legs Say About You
By Jonah Lehrer
Sunset of the Solo Scientist
By Scott McCartney
Lagging Private-Jet Industry Resumes Takeoff
By Joe Morgenstern
'Gnomeo': A Bard's Garden of Delights
By John Paul Newport
The New Testament of Golf
By Virginia Postrel
Would Bogie Wear Gore-Tex?
By Joe Queenan
New Apps: Thinking Outside the Litter Box
By Matt Ridley
How Many Friends Can Your Brain Hold?
By Terry Teachout
O'Neill Staged on an Intimate Scale
By Joseph B. White
Electronic Fixes for Driver Error
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Life & Culture Video
The Juggle
The Challenge of School Pick-Up
As full-time working parents, school pick-up has never been easy for my husband and me. I know I’m not alone in finding after-school pickup fraught with guilt and anxiety.
Most Popular In Asia
China Blocks U.S. Push on Web Freedom
Chinese Firms Get Their Day in the Sun
North Korea Frets Over Livestock Disease
Apple Develops Less-Expensive iPhones
Australian Banks Put Under Moody's Review
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Heard on the Runway
Cool, Hip Proenza Schouler
Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez aren't silly artists. The fit of their clothes is excellent, they are hip, cool, and their fabric sense and sense of textile adventure can't be beat.
Elie Tahari's First Runway in a Decade
Elie Tahari held his first proper runway show - where guests have seats - in more than a decade Wednesday, Feb.16, evening. Up until now, he had been holding presentations where guests stand and come and go at their leisure during a specific window of time. But Mr. Tahari, a quiet man, turned up the volume this time around, adding doses of drama to his looks that made for some moments of attention-grabbing theater.
Oscar de la Renta's Luxury Mash-Up
The problem with Oscar de la Renta is that the bar is so high. His clothes are the richest of the rich - you can't beat that.
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'American Idol' Season 10: Hollywood Week Continues With Group Night
The stress and scramble started well before the contestants hit the stage on Idol's continued Hollywood Week. That's because it was group night - singers had to form a team and perform together, even though the eliminations would be individual. A surprise rule: Groups had to be made up of both day one and day two singers from the first part of the week, which made some of the pre-planning singers had attempted a waste of time.
AOL and HuffPo Tap Booz, Talk Integration
As AOL and the Huffington Post plan their marriage, they've tapped Booz & Co. for help, according to people familiar with the matter.
Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum: A Timeline of His Lost Years
In 1998, Jeff Mangum and his band Neutral Milk Hotel released "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea," widely considered an indie rock masterpiece. Then he basically vanished. With Mangum showing signs of a return to performing, Speakeasy has compiled a timeline of his lost years.
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Ideas Market
At the End of the Day: 2/16/11
A daily roundup of links from the world of ideas.
Secret to Marriage: Expect Less, Give More
Maenad's comment that the secret of happiness comes down to 1) Expect less, and 2) Give more, got me thinking about expectations and the concept of status quo bias.
Laughter Leads to Wise Financial Choices
A dose of Robin Williams, a study finds, leads people to make more sensible financial decisions involving the future.
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