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14 Jan 2010 - 14 Nov 2020
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Feds Target Illegal Hires
The federal government is requiring as many as 1,000 companies to turn over their employment records for inspection, part of an expanding crackdown on businesses suspected of hiring illegal immigrants.
Senate Deficit Plan Details Emerge
A bipartisan group of senators is considering legislation that would order Congress to meet a set of spending targets and other fiscal goals or face automatic tax increases and budget cuts.
Big Banks Face Fines On Role of Servicers
More than a dozen major financial institutions are facing sanctions over problems with internal controls and staffing levels at mortgage servicers.
Wisconsin Workers Protest Budget Fix
Thousands of Wisconsin public employees again converged on the state capitol in Madison to protest a plan to close the state's budget shortfall by increasing the cost of their pensions and health benefits.
Big Borrowing Plan Roils Illinois
Democratic Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn proposed a budget Wednesday that would boost general-fund spending by $1.7 billion and borrow heavily to pay overdue state bills, a plan opposed by Republican legislators.
Muni Debt Watch
Amazon's Exit Spurs Texas Tax Fight
The planned closure of an Amazon.com Inc. distribution center in a suburb here has opened a debate about what's better for Texas's tattered budget: taxes or jobs.
Deputy U.S. Marshal, Suspect Killed
One of three deputy U.S. marshals who were shot while attempting to serve an arrest warrant in West Virginia has died, and a drug suspect also was killed in the shootout.
GOP Attacks Internet Rules
House Republicans attacked new "net neutrality" rules for broadband Internet lines in a contentious hearing and criticized Democratic FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski for adopting them, but he and other Democrats defended them.
Big Bust Targets Armenian Gang
Federal grand juries indicted dozens of alleged members and associates of a major Armenian criminal group on charges ranging from kidnapping and extortion to bank fraud and credit-card scams.
Aide: Giffords Unaware of Shooting Details
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has not yet been given details of the Jan. 8 shootings in Tucson, Ariz., according to her chief of staff, who said Giffords knows there was a traumatic event but has not been told about the severity of the wounds to others.
Lasting Budget Fix Sought in Michigan
Michigan's budget crisis began long before other states started feeling the pinch, but Gov. Rick Snyder hopes to end it once and for all.
Muni Debt Watch
University of the South Slashes Tuition
In a move likely to reverberate among America's top-tier private colleges, the University of the South said Wednesday it will slash tuition and fees for the coming school year by 10%, or about $4,600.
Lawsuit Alleges Misconduct by Brooklyn Prosecutors
A man who spent 16 years in prison for the murder of a rabbi has filed a wrongful conviction suit alleging "blatantly illegal investigative tactics" were used by prosecutors.
Carney Makes Debut as White House Press Secretary
Press Secretary Jay Carney gives his first White House press briefing.
Somali Pirate Is Sentenced
A Somali man was sentenced to more than 33 years in prison after he admitted to hostage-taking and other charges last year in the hijackings of three ships off Somalia's coast.
Report: Credit-Card Law Benefits Consumers
A landmark credit-card law has made billions of dollars in charges more transparent for consumers, which should help lower costs over the long-term, according to a new report.
Florida Governor Cancels Rail Plan
Computer Tops Humans on 'Jeopardy!'
House Kills Boehner-Backed Project
The House voted to strike funding for an expensive military project built in Republican House Speaker John Boehner's backyard, in a bipartisan display of budget-cutting resolve.
IBM Computer Beats 'Jeopardy' Champions
IBM's Watson computer handily defeated two former "Jeopardy" champions in a nationally televised competition.
Media & Marketing
Jameson Serves Tall Tale to Lure Younger Drinkers
Irish whiskey brand Jameson is relying on humorous reminders of its centuries-old Irish heritage to win over younger, hipper consumers.
Dwarfism Offers Longevity Clues
A small population of Ecuadoreans afflicted with a dwarfism disorder almost never get cancer or diabetes, a finding that may point the way to new treatments for both diseases, according to a new study.
S.F. Bay Area
Cities Take Aim at Plastic Bags
The move to outlaw plastic shopping bags is spreading from San Francisco to other Bay Area communities, but the latest measures have rankled some retailers and others who say outright bans go too far.
World News
Bahrain Police Storm Protests
Riot police firing tear gas and rubber bullets stormed a landmark public square occupied by antigovernment protests early on Thursday in Bahrain, driving out demonstrators and killing at least two people.
U.S. Spies: Iran Split on Nuclear Program
China Blocks U.S. Push on Web Freedom
By Carl Bialik
Old Data Hold Sway in Funds for Heating
By Peter Jeffrey
Resolutions for Gradual Improvement
By Gerald F. Seib
Online, Small Voices Spark Revolutions
By Staff
Snowmobile Pioneer Cut a Fast Trail for the Sport
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Panel on Deficit Paves Way for Politicians
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Video: Time for Bowles, Simpson to Reunite
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