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For Big Board Chief, It's Hero or Goat
The stakes are high for Duncan Niederauer as he navigates the deal to merge NYSE Euronext with Deutsche Börse.
NYSE Deal Moves Ahead
Schumer Reserves Judgment on NYSE Deal
NYSE, Deutsche Börse Boards to Meet
Threat Builds on the Margins
U.S. earnings season saw strong revenue growth, but the rising cost of raw materials, from copper to cotton to corn, is squeezing profit margins more than many analysts had anticipated.
Obama Budget Plan Would Cut Deficit by $1.1 Trillion Over 10 Years
The White House's budget proposal for 2012 would shave $1.1 trillion off of the federal deficit over 10 years, mostly through spending cuts, a move White House officials believe would bring government spending into a healthier balance.
GOP to Block Renewal of Build America Bonds Program
Key Republicans signaled they would block renewal of the Build America Bonds program as the Obama administration prepared to reinstate the bonds in the 2012 budget plan due Monday.
Pipe Imperfection Found After Pa. Blast
Investigators looking into the cause of a gas explosion that killed five people in Allentown, Pa., last week are focusing on an "imperfection" in a pipe near the blast site.
As Weather Worsens, So Do Manners
Complaints about bad snow etiquette are flying like snowballs this winter, as one blizzard comes on the heels of another.
Video: Snow-Shovel Thief Caught on Tape
Playboy Mansion Illness Reports Probed
Los Angeles County health officials are investigating reports that dozens of people contracted respiratory illnesses after a fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion that was part of a larger conference in Santa Monica.
Priest Removed for Affair 40 Years Ago
A Catholic priest who admitted having a sexual relationship with a high school girl more than 40 years ago was removed his position, and a high-ranking official who oversaw the background checks of priests resigned.
State Officials Blast Oil-Spill Fund
Top officials in three states hammered by the BP oil spill have emerged as some of the harshest and most combative critics of claims czar Kenneth Feinberg.
Muddy Waters for River Shippers
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers told shippers it could no longer guarantee it would dredge parts of the lower Mississippi River to certain widths and depths, a change that could increase transportation costs and delays.
House GOP Leaders Seek Deeper Cuts
House Republican leaders released a detailed plan Friday evening for cutting federal spending by $61 billion for the remainder of this fiscal year.
Rubble of Blast Combed for Clues
Investigators on Friday combed through the debris of an apparent natural-gas explosion in Allentown, Pa., earlier this week, searching for clues about the cause of the blast that killed five people.
City Budgets Put States on Edge
States are taking new steps to expand their oversight of town and city finances to stay ahead of any brewing fiscal troubles.
IInvestors Cautious on Munis
Export Shift Turns Rivals Into Allies
The U.S. trade gap widened in December to $40.58 billion, with the full-year trade gap registering its biggest percentage increase in 10 years. Exports continued their upward trend, but were outpaced by imports.
Where and What Is U.S. Trading?
Year-End GDP Growth Looking Better
U.S. Seeks Lower Loan Ceiling
The U.S. proposes to reduce the ceiling on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans to $625,500 from $729,750 as of Oct. 1.
Views of Life After Fannie, Freddie
The Obama administration outlined its plans to begin shrinking the government's broad support of the nation's crippled mortgage market, a process that officials said could take several years and would include phasing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Video: Consensus on Fannie, Freddie
Heard: Obama Can't Fix Housing Without a War
White House report
Mixed Outlook for Mortgage Insurers
Gulf Rig Operator to Sell Assets
Mining Regulators Defend Efforts After Leaked Report
Utah Governor Weighs In on State Bankruptcy Debate
Ex-IndyMac Officers Charged by SEC
Candidates Stump With Iowa Go-To Guy
Alaska Pipeline Flaws Found
Turmoil in Egypt
Obama: 'Today Belongs to the People of Egypt'
Obama said the departure of Hosni Mubarak as Egypt's president marks the beginning of a new chapter in the country, one that he thinks will be difficult but more democratic.
Transcript of Obama's Remarks on Egypt
Life & Culture
Feathers Fly in L.A. as Goose Faces Eviction
Los Angeles engineers planning to clean up a 143-year-old lake are ruffling the feathers of a celebrity couple. It would be a typical L.A. story—with paparazzi, gawking fans and a music video cameo—except for the fact that one half of the couple is a goose.
Photos: Man's Best Friend -- A Goose
Contenders Back Tea-Party Message
House Republican leaders got a rude jolt from tea-party insurgents on the budget this week, but potential GOP presidential hopefuls hewed Friday to tea partiers' views on spending.
Video: Final Day of CPAC Conference
World News
Egypt's Military Dissolves Parliament
Egypt's new military leadership dissolved the parliament, suspended the constitution and said elections for a civilian government would be held in about six months. The military also started to restore normal conditions to central Cairo and Tahrir Square.
Prospective Irish Leader Battles Image
Rising China Bests a Shrinking Japan
By Carl Bialik
Sorting the Fast-Food Beef From the Chaff
By Peter Jeffrey
Resolutions for Gradual Improvement
By Gerald F. Seib
Conservatives Spar on Egypt Approach
By Staff
Her Fight Recovered Paintings Nazis Stole
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The Numbers Guy
Sorting the Fast-Food Beef From the Chaff
Just how much beef is in fast-food meat? It can be tough for consumers to know, since the data on the content of some of their favorite food items are limited and confusing.
Weighing the Beef
Most Popular
A Cantilevered Glass House
Chapter 11 for Borders, New Chapter for Books
Chinese Express Faith in Fannie, Freddie
Ominous Undertone of Stock Rallies
Apple Develops Less-Expensive iPhones
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