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Majors in Comparative Literature explore two different literary and cultural traditions through the study of literary works in their original language. They are encouraged to focus on the relationships between those two fields and to develop interdisciplinary approaches to literature.
The Comparative Literature may be pursued as a first major for students in the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, and as a second major for all students of Georgetown College (For instance, students can combine a major in a foreign language or English with a second major in Comparative Literature).
In consultation with the Program Director, students devise a wide-ranging but cohesive course of study centered on primary disciplines and literary and cultural theory. The B.A. program culminates in the writing of a senior thesis. Students wishing to participate in the program must have proficiency in one foreign language and a reading knowledge of a second foreign language. English can be chosen as one of the two areas of specialization.
The Comparative Literature major requires 12 courses and a senior thesis, for a total of 39 credits. The Comparative Literature curriculum covers four main areas:
  1. Literature courses in two national traditions, to be taken in the original language
  2. Theoretical approaches to texts
  3. Literature courses in English translation
  4. Comparative literature courses: The objective of these courses is to compare different literary traditions and to develop the conceptual tools required to analyze texts.
The program structure is as follows:
  • CPLT 043 “Introduction to Comparative Literature” (the only mandatory core-course, to be taken in the Fall semester of the first year)
  • 4 upper-level literature courses in the primary literature, in the original language (261 and above in the Languages; 100 and above in English)
  • 3 upper-level literature courses in the secondary concentration, in the original language (4 courses if the student's primary concentration is in English)
  • 1 course in theoretical approaches to text
  • 1 designated comparative course
  • 1 upper-level literature course in translation
  • 1 additional course to be chosen from the previous three categories (theory, comparative, or translation)
  • Completion of a senior thesis written in English by the end of the Spring semester of the senior year
For a more detailed description of the Comparative Literature, please consult the current online version of the Undergraduate Bulletin.
Each semester Comparative Literature majors can choose from a wide selection of course offerings in their two areas of specializations as well as in plenty of other departments in the main college at large; see the Comparative Literature course catalog.
However, please keep in mind that majors have numerous options beyond the crosslisted courses that appear on the schedule of classes. The Program Director meets with students every semester to discuss personal interests and appropriate course selections.

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