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Real people, real revolution
by Kevin Marsh
Thirty minutes after President Mubarak steps down and I'm listening to someone on the BBC...

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Libya: YouTube videos challenge official media
by Abdallah al-Salmi
Amateur videos by Libyan protestors are testing the pro-Gaddafi (Al-Qadhafi) mood that dominates the state-run media. The videos, on YouTube and other social media, serve...

All of life is a live event: how should journalism look?
by Paul Brannan
Commentator Tomi Ahonen's mobile industry statistics guide is always compelling reading - in fact, many of the numbers have found their way into Marc Settle's...

How did British journalist offend Russian security services?
by Stephen Ennis
Video: Robert Peston on blogging
Robert Peston's BBC blog, Peston's Picks, attracts 2.5 million page views a month, and is, says Peston, "almost the heart of the way I operate".

In a new series about how journalists are using blogging, we ask Peston about the freedoms and limitations of blogging as a journalist inside a big media organisation like the BBC.
Caught up in the Cairo protests
Read BBC World Service Trust producer Sue Austen's description of how she and her team of Egyptian producers, writers and directors found themselves mired in the Cairo clashes.

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