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Tuesday, 08 March 2011
Cairo 21-10

NATO warns of 'crimes against humanity' in Libya
Nato not to stand "idly by" as Gaddafi commits systematic attacks on civilian population says Rasmussen
BREAKING NEWS: Tunisia dissolves Ben Ali's security apparatus-source
Anti-Gaddafi fighters take control of Ras Lanuf
Two weeks into intense fighting, Gaddafi loyalists and their mercenaries are still battling the anti-regime forces in a seemingly prolonged battle which has left Libyan cities devastated in its wake
BREAKING NEWS: Oman reshuffles cabinet, changes key posts-TV
China says Dalai Lama has to reincarnate
Padma Choling, Chinese appointed governor of Tibet: Dalai Lama has no right to abolish the institution of reincarnation
Gaza truckers protest Israel crossing closure
Palestinian truck drivers hold sit-in protesting against closing crossings into Gaza because of security threats
Libya plane hits town, over one million need aid
Government forces seeking to dislodge rebels from Libya's strategically important coast struck at an oil town on Monday amid quickening efforts to prevent more humanitarian suffering and a mass refugee exodus
Palestinians fight occupation with Israeli bills
Young Palestinian activists have found a new medium to protest Israeli occupation: scrawling anti-occupation slogans on the currency they share with the Jewish state
Ahram Online in Libya: The Ben Jawwad battle
With only light arms against aircraft fire and heavy weapons, rebels against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi continue to hold ground in Ben Jawwad, close to the strategic oil port of Ras Lanouf  
Lower level output steady: east Libya oil firm
Frustrated Libyan rebels angry at Bin Jawad defeat
Egyptian refugees arrive home from Libya
Libyan rebels will only discuss Gaddafi quitting
Bahraini’s protest at US embassy
Shia minority are calling for elected government and for royalty to step down, while Prince calls for peace, stating he’s willing to hold intense dialogues

Somali troops, militia take two towns from rebels
Somali troops backed by pro-government militia took two towns from rebel Islamist group al Shabaab in fighting on Monday morning

Thousands protest against Lebanon's sectarian system
Thousands protest outside Lebanon's electricity ministry angry about political sectarian

Bahrain promises government jobs
Authorities in Bahrain say 20,000 new government jobs will be created in a plan interpreted as an attempt to assuage Shia political demands

Obama steers clear of 'doctrine' as Arab tumult rages
Washington questions approach towards MENA region, but Obama avoids cookie-cutter doctrine considering legacy of US problems of adhering to rigid policies

Casualties take focus from Gates's Afghan trip
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Afghanistan on Monday at a time of increased strain between Kabul and its Western backers and with important security transition milestones looming

India ally to quit cabinet, coalition safe for now
A key party in India's ruling coalition plans to formally quit its ministerial posts on Monday over a local election row, a move that will force a weakened prime minister to find alternative alliances to pass policy initiatives

China's premier notes public 'resentment'
China's premier acknowledges wide-spread public discontent as state media warns citizens to ignore calls for protest

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