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 24 January - 2 February 2011
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Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875
The army's comforting signals
Generals have taken to the airwaves to send a stern but reassuring message to the public over their handling of the transition, writes Galal Nassar
Revolving doors
The Armed Forces have approved a cabinet reshuffle. It was the kind of thing that might have enthralled the public before 25 January, writes Shaden Shehab
Clipping the presidential wings
The newly amended constitution will curtail presidential powers in order to guarantee the smooth rotation of power, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Revolving doors
The Armed Forces have approved a cabinet reshuffle. It was the kind of thing that might have enthralled the public before 25 January, writes Shaden Shehab
Down but not out
Fears of a counterrevolution gained momentum this week. Amira Howeidy asks how serious the threat is
How the mighty have fallen
Investigations into the world of allegedly corrupt state officials are unprecedented, Mona El-Nahhas reports
Greater than the movies
Looking back over the recent weeks of demonstrations, events in Egypt outshone anything on the silver screen, finds Hani Mustafa
Calls for delay
The head of the first political party to be recognised after the 25 January Revolution calls for parliamentary elections to be delayed for at least one year, reports Reem Leila
Testing the waters
The passage of two Iranian naval ships through the Suez Canal is being seen as Tehran's attempt to sound out the new post-Mubarak Egypt, writes Rasha Saad
Mahalla wins showdown
Workers at the Misr Spinning and Weaving Company, the vanguard of workers fighting for their rights, have ended their strike, reports Faiza Rady
The unrest continues
Two weeks after the resignation of the former president, strikes are continuing across the country despite warnings from the military, reports Nesmahar Sayed
When sorry isn't enough
Can the state-owned media really change itself, asks Doaa El-Bey
Defusing the revolution
Demonstrators in Yemen have the opposition parties' sympathy but not their physical presence, notes Nasser Arrabyee
Journalist power
Oula Farawati looks at the resignation of Jordan's environment minister, two weeks ahead of national elections
Keeping an eye on Libya
The United Nations finally responded to the ferment in the Middle East this week, writes Graham Usher at the UN
Economic crunch hitting Palestinians hard
Lack of opportunities, rampant corruption, and the reality of occupation are putting the backs of all Palestinians to the wall, writes Khaled Amayreh in Hebron in the West Bank
Abbas running out of options
Amid vast regional transformations, pressure is mounting for the Palestinian president to reconcile with Hamas and stand up to the Israeli occupation, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Wake- up call
What will become of the Arab League? Dina Ezzat finds no answer
Springtime of peoples
As commentators cast around for parallels to events taking place across the Arab world, European officials have been expressing fears for the stability of the Maghreb, writes David Tresilian in Paris
Double barrel anger
In their Arab-inspired uprising, Iraqis show they now want to shape their destiny, writes Salah Hemeid
Unblocked but not unmonitored
Facebook access was unblocked in Syria earlier this week, but many users believe this will not necessarily ease Internet access in the country, reports Bassel Oudat from Damascus
Top picks?
Few companies might escape the expected nose dive when the market opens. Sherine Abdel-Razek takes a look at the performance of different sectors
Concerns over gold
The gold market is weighed down by insecurity and market stagnation, Sherine Nasr reports
Cultural visions for a new Egypt
Egyptian artists and writers have different visions for a new Egypt, expressing various wishes for an ideal new society, says Rania Khallaf
Deepest of depths
Gamal Nkrumah speaks with Egypt's Maxim Gorky -- Alaa El-Aswani on the country's state of affairs
Football returns, slightly
The army has agreed to allow the first football match to be played in Egypt after the uprising. Inas Mazhar reports

ARAB SPRING: a woman with her face painted in the colours of the pre-1969 Libyan flag joins a demonstration against the rule of Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi, in front of the White House in Washington...
Five cases of exorcism
By Youssef Rakha
Squaring the circle
By Dina Ezzat
Saving history for posterity
By Nevine El-Aref
The sound of resilience
By Salonaz Sami
The young dream dreams
By Lubna Abdel-Aziz
Weekly guide to Cairo & Alexandria
A post-revolutionary roadmap
For Egypt's great revolution to be sustained certain practicalities have to be addressed, writes Mohsen Zahran
The army is back
Now is not the first time that the army has ruled Egypt, writes Salah Eissa
Egyptian uprising in Israeli eyes
Seraj Assi muses on the strange twists of logic that characterise Israeli fears of genuine democracy
The end of change from abroad
The great Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, and the disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan, show change cannot be forced from outside, but can only come from inside, writes Azmi Ashour
National consensus candidate needed
Historical experience shows that massive social transformations can be hard to navigate successfully. To help that process along, Egypt needs an interim president, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Is there a school for tyrants?
Falling dictators in the region follow the same brutish tactics as if the outcome will be different when it comes to their turn, writes Nader Fergany
The change we still need
While Washington publicly lauds democracy and rights, in relation to the Arab world the same old biases live on, writes James Zogby
Echoes of Tahrir Square
Across the region, Western powers are finding their narrow-minded alliances with autocratic regimes challenged, writes Ayman El-Amir
See you in September
Yet another of the Palestinian Authority's meaningless deadlines, irks Ramzy Baroud
Washington, Al-Qaeda and the Arab revolt
The US must choose who to support: the Arab people or Al-Qaeda, says Shahid Alam
Democracy US-style
Egypt's pro-democracy movement was greeted in Washington by scheming and second-guessing, observes James Petras
Businessmen at the stake
National cohesion requires greater corporate social responsibility, asserts Osama El-Meligui
Salama A Salama:
Winds of change

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