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26 May 2011 - 21 Sep 2015
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Foreign Policy
Issue #20, Spring 2011
A World of Our Making
The international order that America created will endure—if we make the transition to a grand strategy based on reciprocity and shared leadership.
G. John Ikenberry
Issue #20, Spring 2011
Strength Through Restraint
America can scale back its global ambitions and still emerge stronger. In fact, it’s the only way.
Anatol Lieven
Issue #19, Winter 2011
After Hegemony
America is no longer the world’s only pivotal power. Americans are adjusting—but can their leaders?
Nina Hachigian
Issue #17, Summer 2010
America 2021: The Military and the World
Our largest threat: Pakistan. Our alliances: reshuffled by demographics. Terrorism: on the wane (maybe). New frontier for conflict: the Arctic cirlce. Four experts discuss
The Defense Roundtable
Issue #17, Summer 2010
The Hezbollah Problem
To defang Iran, and help Lebanon and Israel, we must demilitarize Hezbollah. Which means we’ll have to talk to them.
Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson
Issue #15, Winter 2010
The Cairo Conundrum
Egypt is the linchpin to America’s Middle East policy—a policy that must make interests reinforce ideals, rather than conflict with them.
Shadi Hamid
Issue #13, Summer 2009
The Democracy Rule
We can abandon Bushism—and still care how states treat their people. A response to Charles Kupchan and Adam Mount.
James Traub
Issue #12, Spring 2009
The Autonomy Rule
The end of Western dominance means a new foreign policy principle is needed to advance international order.
Charles Kupchan and Adam Mount
Issue #10, Fall 2008
Water’s Edge
It’s time to acknowledge that foreign policy is fair game in presidential politics.
Andrei Cherny
Issue #10, Fall 2008
Democracy and Discontent
With democracy on the run and American power in question, what’s the future of democracy promotion?
Thomas Carothers
Issue #8, Spring 2008
Bolívar’s Ghost
Latin America is a dynamic continent at a political crossroads. The next president’s policy will help lead it toward greater prosperity–or lead it to a dangerous populism.
Ted Piccone
Issue #7, Winter 2008
Podhoretz’s Complaint
Neoconservatism has failed. How liberal internationalism can triumph in its place.
Anne-Marie Slaughter
Issue #6, Fall 2007
Fight Al Qaeda
Peter Bergen
Issue #6, Fall 2007
Promote Liberal Democracy
David Makovsky
Issue #6, Fall 2007
Rejoin the Battle of Ideas
Will Marshall
Issue #6, Fall 2007
Pursue a New Freedom Agenda
Larry Diamond
Issue #5, Summer 2007
Parting the Veil
Now is no time to give up on supporting democracy in the Middle East. But to do so, the United States must embrace Islamist moderates.
Shadi Hamid
Issue #5, Summer 2007
Middle East Myopia
Newly declassified documents illustrate the danger of letting military disaster blind us to emerging international threats.
Kenneth Baer
Issue #4, Spring 2007
Neighborhood Watch
For 60 years, Republican presidents have waged war in the Middle East, and Democratic ones have sought peace. Yet neither has been successful. Why the next president needs neo-regionalism.
Steven Spiegel
Issue #4, Spring 2007
Strategic Mistake
The neoconservative approach to nonproliferation has been a disaster. Why Bush can’t disarm Iran.
Jofi Joseph
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