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Tuesday, 01 March 2011  |  Rabiʻ I 26, 1432  | Last updated at 04:07

Saudi scholars support Libyan uprising
JEDDAH: Saudi scholars have declared their support for the ongoing people’s struggle against Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and expressed their concern at the violence unleashed by forces loyal to the embattled administration.
US moves forces closer to Libya as Qaddafi escalates crackdown
TRIPOLI, Libya: International pressure on Muammar Qaddafi to end his crackdown on opponents escalated Monday as his loyalists closed in on rebel-held cities nearest the capital. The US moved naval and air forces closer to Libya and said all options were open, including the use of warplanes to patrol the North African nation’s skies and protect citizens threatened by their leader.
All my people love me, says Qaddafi
Libya fires anti-Qaddafi ambassador to US
Qaddafi’s favorite nurse: Journalists, go away!
Egypt seizes Mubarak family funds
CAIRO: Egypt’s top prosecutor seized all the funds of ousted leader Hosni Mubarak and his family on Monday and banned them from travel abroad, the latest humiliation for the once-powerful family.
Editorial: No room for panic
Far from being cause for disinvestment, the upheavals in the region are an opportunity
There is no point pretending that Saudi Arabia is unaffected by the upheavals elsewhere in the Arab world. Not politically, but economically. They are hitting business confidence within the country. That is seen in the five percent fall in the Saudi stock market when it reopened on Sunday after the weekend followed by Saturday’s public holiday to celebrate the king’s return. The slide again continued yesterday.
Six degrees of emotion
Sitting in my comfortable bubble far from the Arab Street, I have been watching events unfold with increasing emotion. To some extent I feel like an accidental witness: History is being made country by country in the Middle East and all I can do is record my reactions. The first emotion is elation. It’s like a Mexican wave, the joy and exultation on the faces of jubilant protesters is transmitted via TV screens and becomes infectious. It snowballs as text messages, tweets, blog posts and phone calls bring home the joy of people liberated from tyranny.
Kingdom pledges to stabilize oil market
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia reiterated Monday that it would do everything possible to stabilize the international oil market by increasing supply in consultation with producers inside and outside the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
Kingdom denies offering $150bn to buy Facebook
JEDDAH: A Saudi official denied on Monday that the Kingdom had offered to give SR562.5 billion ($150 billion) to purchase Facebook.
Civil servants ‘lacking in overall performance’
RIYADH: The overall performance of government employees is not at all satisfactory and should be improved at any cost, according to legislators and academics.
Ministry: No one is authorized to pull out books from fair
RIYADH: The Riyadh International Book Fair 2011 is to be launched Tuesday with more than 700 publishing houses from 30 countries and over 280,000 books featuring.
NSHR confronts Jazan father over girl’s right to marry
JEDDAH: The National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) in Jazan is trying to convince a man to allow his 30-year-old daughter to marry.
Libyan diplomats in Kingdom back Qaddafi
JEDDAH: Unlike the growing number of Libyan diplomats around the world who have come out in favor of the Libyan uprising, the country's ambassador in Riyadh and its consul general in Jeddah continue to support the Qaddafi regime.
Rampant benefits fraud unearthed; GOSI taking action
ABHA: Following revelations that a significant number of people are committing benefits fraud, the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) has announced that it is taking action by scrapping the names of such people from the list of social security beneficiaries.
Local Press: Let grievances court rule on Saher
AS a citizen who believes in the safety of drivers and others on the road, I am an admirer of the Saher traffic surveillance system, notwithstanding the huge dent it is making on my bank balance.
Libya arrests four Jordanians
AMMAN: Jordan's Foreign Ministry says four Jordanians have been arrested in Libya. Last week, Jordan urged Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi to halt a bloody crackdown on his citizens. Jordan said it holds Libya responsible for the safety of foreigners living there.
10 killed during clashes in Sudan
JUBA, Sudan: At least 10 people died when a militia attacked a police post in a disputed area of Sudan, a southern government official said Monday.
Al-Maliki calls for early local poll
BAGHDAD: Iraq’s prime minister called for new provincial elections Monday following anti-government protests that killed 14 people last week in a demonstration of the simmering anger many Iraqis feel at a government they say fails to provide basic services.
Egypt bans Mubarak’s travel
CAIRO: Egypt’s top prosecutor seized all the funds of ousted leader Hosni Mubarak and his family on Monday and banned them from travel abroad, the latest humiliation for the once-powerful family.
Qaddafi urged to follow example of Marcos
MANILA: Former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos urged Libyan ruler Muammar Qaddafi on Monday to follow the example of her late husband, dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who refused to violently disperse large numbers of Filipino protesters during a 1986 uprising that toppled him.
Briton in Iraq shooting deaths get 20-year jail term
BAGHDAD: An Iraqi court has convicted a British man and sentenced him to 20 years in the shooting deaths of two contractors.
Coalition to press US lawmakers to drop anti-Islam bill
WASHINGTON: A coalition of interfaith and civil rights groups will hold a noon news conference in Nashville, Tenn. on Tuesday (March 1), to urge lawmakers to drop an anti-Islam bill drafted by the head of an anti-Muslim hate group and introduced recently in that state's legislature.
We criticize Israel’s policies, but believe in its right to exist: J Street founder
WASHINGTON: J Street held its second annual conference in Washington DC this weekend.  The “pro-Israel, pro-peace” organization sparked enormous controversy and was solidly criticized by lawmakers and other pro-Israel groups when it announced its support of a proposed UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli housing development on the West Bank.
Sarkozy shakes up Cabinet to boost ratings
PARIS: French President Nicolas Sarkozy shuffled his Cabinet’s top diplomatic and security posts, jettisoning his foreign minister who has been roundly criticized for her ties to Tunisia’s ousted regime.
Italy’s Berlusconi back on trial for tax fraud
MILAN: Premier Silvio Berlusconi went back on trial Monday for alleged tax fraud, the first of several court cases to resume after Italy’s Constitutional Court watered down an immunity bill sparing the premier from trial.
British Airways worker guilty of plane bomb plot
LONDON: A jury convicted a former British Airways computer specialist on Monday of plotting with US-born extremist cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki to blow up an airplane in an attack intended to kill hundreds of people.
Belarus presidential hopeful says he was tortured
MINSK, Belarus: A former Belarusian presidential candidate said Monday he was beaten, stripped naked and hung by his hands while in the custody of secret police.
Pirates seize cargo ship with 23 crew in Arabian sea
NAIROBI, Kenya: Somali pirates hijacked a Greek-owned cargo vessel with 23 crew on board on Monday, the European Union Naval Force said. The MV Dover was seized in the north Arabian sea, 260 miles (420 kilometers) northeast of the Omani port of Salalah, the naval force said. The MV Dover was on its way to Yemen from Pakistan when it was attacked. It was registered with shipping and naval authorities.
Libya oil chief: Output down 50 percent
CAIRO: Libya’s oil chief said on Monday that production had been cut by around 50 percent, and argued it was “safe” for foreign oil workers to return after a mass exodus sparked by Muammar Qaddafi’s violent campaign to retain control of the country.
Google says it’s working to restore lost messages
NEW YORK: Google says it has restored e-mail service to some of the users who found all of their old messages deleted on Sunday.
Saudia aims to become regional market leader
JEDDAH: Improve on customer care was the final message of Saudi Arabian Airlines' annual conference that ended here Monday. Abdul Aziz Al-Hazmi, deputy director general of the airline, emphasized this point further, saying: "We consider our passengers not just as our customers but as our guests."
Saudi housing sector 'needs SR80bn annual investment'
JEDDAH: With demand in the Saudi residential sector still outpacing supply due in part to a growing population, John Harris, co-head of Jones Lang Lasalle, Saudi Arabia, has said that at least 150,000 to 200,000 housing units will need to be built over the next decade at an annual cost of SR80 billion to satisfy demand.
Career fair attracts Saudi, international students
ALKHOBAR: Thousands of Eastern Province students will get to explore 25 different career paths during the Rawabi Talent Exhibit being held at Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Science and Technology Center (SciTech) through March 10.
Clampdown on beggars intensified
JEDDAH: A massive campaign to clamp down on street beggars in Makkah province netted a large number of beggars across the region. Those arrested included men and women, many of whom have already been deported.
Kattan named new ambassador to Egypt
JEDDAH: Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz Kattan, who was permanent representative to the Arab League, has been appointed Saudi ambassador to Egypt, replacing Hisham Nazer, who had been hospitalized a month ago due to ill health.
Omani crowd torches supermarket
SOHAR, Oman: Protesters set a supermarket ablaze and rallied at two places in this seaside town on Monday in a third consecutive day of unrest that has included deadly clashes in the Gulf state.
Bahrain protesters blockade Parliament
MANAMA: Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman said Monday efforts were under way to launch talks with the opposition, which is demanding major political reforms amid a wave of anti-government protests. On Monday, anti-government protesters blockaded the country's Parliament and massed outside the state broadcaster
UN: Belarus sent attack helicopters to Ivory Coast
ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast: Belarus has violated an international arms embargo by sending three attack helicopters to military forces supporting Ivory Coast’s longtime ruler who refuses to cede power, the UN chief said, in a dramatic escalation of the nation’s political conflict.
Picture of the day
Numbered Oscar statuettes are seen backstage at the 83rd Academy Awards on Sunday, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. (AP Photo)
BEIJING: China’s population grew to 1.34 billion people last year, the National Bureau of Statistics announced Monday, marking a modest jump for a massive population and leading experts to suggest the country may relax its generation-old one-child policy.
BAKERSFIELD, California: California nut growers have hired a number of Asian celebrities to help them sell more of their products overseas.
LOS ANGELES: Chilli explores fertile territory on the finale of her cable TV reality show, "What Chilli Wants," deciding whether to freeze her eggs for the chance at future motherhood.
NEW YORK: Charlie Sheen says he wants a raise to come back to the CBS show "Two and a Half Men." The troubled star appeared on dueling morning show interviews Monday to continue an attack on CBS and producers of his hit sitcom for shutting down the show because of his off-set behavior. Both ABC's "Good Morning America" and NBC's "Today" show featured him in their first half hours.
NEW YORK: It's official - Eminem is the most "liked" living artist on Facebook. The Detroit rapper overtook Lady Gaga this week for the distinction, currently coming in at over 28,883,000 "likes" as opposed to Gaga's 28,872,000. 
LOS ANGELES: These were supposed to be the younger, hipper Academy Awards, the ones that shook up the ceremony’s conventions with popular, great-looking masters of ceremonies in actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway, who were unlike the middle-aged comedians and TV talk-show hosts of years past.
MARANA, Arizona: The Match Play Championship ended with what must have felt like a strange sensation for England’s Luke Donald. He was posing Sunday with a trophy on American soil.
DUBAI: Dana Al-Hammadi, a 37-year-old mother of five, will be the first UAE woman to land on Antarctica as she is set to start her journey Tuesday from Abu Dhabi.
WASHINGTON: Members of Louisiana’s Southern University Marching Band already knew that music transcends age, race, language and culture.
LONDON: Oscar winner Colin Firth said he wanted to play a comic role after winning widespread critical acclaim and a best actor Academy Award for his portrayal of the stammering King George VI in "The King's Speech."
  1. All my people love me, says Qaddafi
  2. Libya fires anti-Qaddafi ambassador to US
  3. Qaddafi’s favorite nurse: Journalists, go away!
  4. US moves forces closer to Libya as Qaddafi escalates crackdown
  5. We criticize Israel’s policies, but believe in its right to exist: J Street founder
Saudia aims to become regional market leader
I challenge and dare the CEO of Saudia to go incognito disguised on a regular working class fig
Flutter at Mar 1, 2011 12:04
Saudia aims to become regional market leader
I challenge and dare the CEO of Saudia to go incognito disguised on a regular working class fig
Flutter at Mar 1, 2011 12:03
Civil servants ‘lacking in overall performance’
Saudi government clerks are the worst I have dealt with so far. But the managers were surprizin
Majid at Mar 1, 2011 12:02
Local Press: Let grievances court rule on Saher
"notwithstanding the huge dent it is making on my bank balance" <br/> <br/>"IS making"? So gett
Merlin at Mar 1, 2011 12:02
US moves forces closer to Libya as Qaddafi escalates crackdown
No wonder the US are the most hated nation in the world !!! Muddling in every one's affair. Dog
mussokhattak at Mar 1, 2011 12:02
Omani crowd torches supermarket
Why are they torching private businesses?
Syed Shahul Hameed Mustaffa at Mar 1, 2011 12:01
Saudi Arabia Law & You Sri Lanka Day
Middle-East Gaza Bleeds
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