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Food & Health
The inside scoop on liquid diets
Almost everyone has gone on a diet at some point in their life to lose weight. And, when they do, they want to lose the most amount of weight in the shortest amount of time with the least effort.
Marvy ‘Mezze’: Appetizing your senses with splendid hors d’oeuvres and ambience
Mezze is a Lebanese term for appetizers. On that account, Mezze restaurant satiates your senses as well as your desire for food.
Ancient herbs and spices to rejuvenate and heal (Part 8)
This is my last article about the series of “live” aromatic healing plants. I am not going to name any specific herb or spice today. This final episode is dedicated instead to general information about them like how to prepare and use them; how to combine them into blends to make them more effective; how to mix them to enhance their diversified aromas without overpowering their distinct flavors; how to make them into enjoyable and relaxing drinks; and what natural sweeteners to add to increase their potency or to make the bitter ones more palatable. I shall also clarify their varied aspects based on research or personal experience. I shall start right away.
Gulfood 2011: The world’s biggest annual food and hospitality event
Taking place annually at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center and utilizing one million square meters, Gulfood is the Middle East’s leading dedicated exhibition for the food service and hospitality sectors.
The secret comfort eater’s guide
Enjoying food is one of the pleasures of life and comfort eating is something we all indulge in to a degree. But if you are looking forward to spending your spare time on the sofa watching television munching through a whole packet of biscuits, eating a whole box of chocolates or eating supersize takeaways, then you are heading for trouble. This kind of comfort eating is giving no comfort, just causing your weight to rocket and your health to decline. If you start with the promise of one biscuit and then munch your way through the whole packet you are overeating and you need to learn how to control your eating.
Better than a BMI? New obesity scale proposed
CHICAGO: Scientists have developed a new way to measure whether a person is too fat without having people step on the scale.
Not getting enough sleep? Turn off the technology
NEW YORK: Dependence on televisions, cellphones and laptops may be costing Americans dearly — in lack of sleep.
Ancient herbs and spices to rejuvenate and heal (Part 7)
The subject about herbs and spices seem to have extended itself beyond my own expectations. I am really impressed by the amount of interest expressed in your e-mails. The more I research the more I discover information that attracts me to fathom some of these “miracles” of nature.
How do you get back into shape?
Many of us will want to get back into shape in 2011. But what is the best way? The secret is to start slowly.
Healthlines: Invest in your health
Whatever your dreams are for your future you need to invest in your health to reach them. In the current economic situation it is difficult to look forward and choose the best place to invest your hard earned cash for the best payoff.
Eat this, not that
For most people in the Kingdom, eating out is a treat and a form of entertainment. With the ever-increasing number of restaurants and cafes, it has become a way of life. However, the fat, calories, sugar and sodium can quickly add up if you eat out regularly, especially since portion sizes at fast food counters and restaurants are usually bigger than what you would normally eat at home. Not to worry, however, Arab News has got you covered with tips on how to make smart and healthy choices the next time you eat out or on the run.
Ancient herbs and spices to rejuvenate and heal (Part 6)
I am eager to return to my carefully selected herbs and spice. From your many e-mails on the subject, I assume that you are not bored of my series of articles about these multi-faceted ‘little things.’ Don’t “good things come in little packets?”
Don’t be ‘blind’ to smoking dangers
The number of smokers in Saudi Arabia has amplified to a big sum of six million, of which 600,000 are women.
Ancient herbs and spices to rejuvenate and heal (Part 5)
As promised, I am back this week with more medicinal herbs and spices. I am sure many of us have used these “wonder” full plants either to season dishes or to enjoy sipping their infusions in relaxing moment alone or with friends. Actually, hot and cold infusions and drinks have become very popular in restaurants and eateries, which offer a wide assortment of exotic and Oriental teas, aromatic herbs and seeds, and their blends. I know how eager you are to acquaint yourselves with more of Nature’s precious gift; your many e-mails express it. So, let us go through my selection for today.
Portion control
Many people and especially men who eat a healthy diet are overweight and unhealthy simply because they eat too much. They may be eating a healthy balanced diet but they are just eating too much of it.
Early balding linked to risk of prostate cancer
LONDON: A study showing that men who start to go bald at 20 may be more likely to develop prostate cancer in later life suggests they might benefit from early screening or preventative therapy, scientists said on Tuesday.
Ancient herbs and spices to rejuvenate and heal (Part 4)
You must be surprised that I am still discussing the subject of medicinal herbs and spices started three weeks ago. I thought I could keep them limited to two articles but I discovered a wealth of other plants, which, I feel, should be exposed to you all for appreciation.
Healthlines: Start 2011 by getting into a healthy routine
Welcome to the New Year! It is time for change, renewal, and celebration. The great thing about today is that yesterday is gone. You can't go back and undo things you have done, but you can embrace today and look toward the future with hope.
Heart disease No. 1 cause of death in South Asia
New report shows that South Asians suffer heart attacks six years earlier than the rest of the world and that heart disease has become the region’s top killer of adults.
Ancient herbs and spices to rejuvenate and heal (Part 3)
As promised last week, I am resuming my selected list of healing herbs, spices, seeds, and gums. They do not only season food, enhance the aroma of dishes, and act as preservatives, but they also detoxify, nourish, energize, and heal.
Warning: Floods could be damaging to your health
As obvious as the title may be, it doesn’t seem to deter people from doing it every time — it being the urge to run outside in the hopes of catching those rare drops from the sky. With precipitation being an extraordinary phenomenon for most Saudis and a downpour of sentimental homesickness for most expatriates, it is often common to see residents of Saudi Arabia gather outside when it rains.
EU approves Astra’s nasal flu vaccine for kids
LONDON: AstraZeneca’s nasal flu vaccine has been approved for use in Europe in children aged from two up to 18 years and is likely to be available for the 2012/13 influenza season, the drugmaker said on Tuesday.
Ancient herbs and spices to rejuvenate and heal (Part 2)
The discussion about medicinal herbs, spices, and aromatic seeds does not seem to end. Their diversity and richness in healing, cleansing, calming, and energizing compounds make them special and available healers. Because certain ones offer multiple benefits and uses, I decided that they become the chosen few. This is not to degrade the unmentioned ones. The other reasons for selecting them are that they are studied more than the others.
Healthines: Free yourself from fat in 2011
Worrying about your weight and not feeling good about your body is very boring and time consuming so make 2011 the year you get into shape and get into a good routine so that you stay that way always.
New diet guidelines say eat more fruit, less salt
WASHINGTON: Americans need to cut salt and fat and eat more fruits and vegetables, the Obama administration said in its latest set of dietary guidelines released on Monday.
Routine imaging for low back pain not helpful — report
NEW YORK: When it comes to lower back pain, more testing doesn’t lead to better care. On the contrary — it may actually lead to worse care, not to mention higher costs.
On cell phones, it’s a matter of life and death!
A $30-million landmark 10-year study by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer, released in 2009, claims there is a possibility that using a cell phone for 30 minutes a day could increase the chances of brain tumors, though some researchers insist the report's claims are overblown.
Ancient herbs and spices to rejuvenate and heal (Part 1)
When discussing herbs, aromatic seeds, and spices, it is difficult to cite one without citing the others. Because different ones contain particular cleansing, digestive, energizing, balancing, rejuvenating, healing, anti-inflammatory, or antimicrobial properties, they give better results when combined.
Cholera has undergone mutations, causing more deaths
HONG KONG: The cholera bacterium has undergone important mutations in recent years, causing longer outbreaks of the disease with increased fatalities, researchers reported on Wednesday. In a package of papers published in the journal PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, they said mass vaccinations should be considered as a solution even after outbreaks have begun. Experts have differed over the usefulness of cholera vaccine once an outbreak has occurred.
Tea: More than a beverage
Arabs and Asians have always been associated with tea drinking, for they believe that at least a cuppa of tea is a must as a morning refresher. That they consume more than one is another matter. This belief and the social norms associated with the beverage have made it one of the most widely consumed beverages, next to water.
Smash Burger Shack: Smashing the fat out of burgers
Burger restaurants go by a lot of names: Burger joint, burger kitchen, burger shack, burger bar and the list goes on.  Whatever the name, they all essentially serve burgers, and there are plenty to be had in Jeddah.
Put insomnia to sleep
Can’t sleep? It is a daily routine that insomniacs have to go through every day. To find out how to get a good night’s rest, read on.
Il Porto: A slice of Italy
Monica Bellucci may have said: "In Italy, the concept of the family is very important." However, Il Porto begs to differ. They feel the concept of pizza is all-important. Of course, the family is a superlative factor in any country — you just have to bring them to it.
Bharat: Traditional and contemporary Indian
Bharat is Leylaty Group’s latest foray into the restaurant scene. A contemporary Indian restaurant located on the premises of the Stars Avenue Mall, Bharat has had people buzzing since it first opened in early February.
Dukan: The Fashionable diet
Even if you don’t concur with the fad diet idea, chances are you still want to know about it. After all, it only  has five million women followers who swear by it! Intrigued? Thought so.
Peeling: A sensational feeling for glowing skin
Many women dream of having smooth skin with a natural glow, especially if they have weary skin, dark spots and pimple scars. The best solution to achieve healthier skin is to get a peel at the dermatologist. Peels can be classified in two categories: Chemical and dermal. Both techniques are used to improve and smooth the texture of one’s skin and give a natural glow. Essentially, they remove the most superficial layer of the skin to reveal newly regenerated skin that is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.
Health care in the air: Scope expanding for inbound, outbound medical tourism
As Saudi Arabia is giving more emphasis on health care, which is evident from the new budget announced in December, its market for both inbound and outbound medical tourism continues to grow. Within the tourism industry, medical travel is growing globally. "Saudi Arabia is an important source market for medical travel to Germany.
Moonmilk: The ultimate crepe experience
The best cuisine and food luxuries are those that transcend the standard barriers. Take MoonMilk for example. It is a sweet, two-story delightful machine that churns out moon-shaped crepes filled with layers of exotic chocolate or scrumptious salty savories.
Is your low-fat cereal lying to you?
Found yourself strolling down the cereal aisle wondering which “low-fat” cereal to indulge in this time?
  1. Japan quake strongest in area in 12 centuries
  2. World rallies to help devastated Japan
  3. 4 Basque ETA suspects arrested in France
  4. Charles Taylor trial ends, verdict to take months
  5. Makkah imam describes protest calls as ‘devilish temptations’
Women suffer as men shrink at thought of seeing shrinks
from experience I know this is true. men have unwarranted ego, they should get psychiatric help
Hana Baswanri at Mar 12, 2011 01:42
Citizens voice concern over growing expat population
send all of the them back and you will come to know where you stand. why especially asian not
ASIM at Mar 12, 2011 01:42
Citizens voice concern over growing expat population
I spoke to Obama on this article and Obama has assured me that he is gonna talk to concerned an
Wasta at Mar 12, 2011 01:42
Court may charge CIA contractor for murder in Lahore
Dear Merlin, this matter is beyond personal jabbing. English is obviously not your forte, which
Umar Farooq, Riyadh at Mar 12, 2011 01:41
‘Day of Rage’ a damp squib
Atleast now the government of Saudi Arabia must come out strongly and shut the mouths of all an
NISHTHAR IDROOS at Mar 12, 2011 01:40
‘Day of Rage’ a damp squib
Good ... Alhumdulillah <br/>But I would like to say that govt should try sense the nerves of th
Junaid at Mar 12, 2011 01:39
Saudi Arabia Law & You Women's Day
Middle-East Gaza Bleeds
World Year Ender 2010

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