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Wednesday, 02 March 2011  |  Rabiʻ I 27, 1432  | Last updated at 14:39
Gaza Bleeds

Egyptian, Tunisian and Libyan refugees stream into the Tunisia-Libya border town of Ras Ajdir on Tuesday. The UN refugee agency said up to 75,000 people have fled Libya since Feb. 20. (AP)1 of 2
UN: Libyan refugee ‘crisis’ tops 140,000
GENEVA: Violence and chaos in Libya have triggered an exodus of more than 140,000 refugees into Tunisia and Egypt, a UN official said Tuesday, as aid workers warned the situation at the Tunisian border has reached crisis point.
Military intervention in Libya opposed by OIC, Arab League
Libyan desert town shakes off Qaddafi rule
Protesters repel attempt by Qaddafi forces to retake key city
Oman deploys army units fearing more unrest
MUSCAT: Oman deployed troops north of the capital Muscat and near the border with the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, following three straight days of anti-government protests, a government official said. Oman, ruled by a powerful family dynasty, is the latest Arab nation to be swept up in a wave of regional unrest that has already brought down two leaders and threatened the rule of others.
Turkey holds massive funeral for Erbakan
ISTANBUL: Huge throngs of mourners converged on a mosque Tuesday for the funeral of a former prime minister who laid the roots of political Islam in modern Turkey and inspired the current government in its struggle against military-backed secular circles.
Military intervention in Libya opposed by OIC, Arab League
JEDDAH: The 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and Arab League on Tuesday opposed any possible military intervention in Libya and urged the international community to use all diplomatic and peaceful means before resorting to force.
US, Israel behind unrest: Saleh
SANAA: Yemen’s embattled US-backed president accused Washington on Tuesday of instigating protests against his regime, as hundreds of thousands marched in cities across Yemen in the largest rallies yet seeking the longtime ruler’s ouster.
Palestinians try to create ‘Facebook revolution’
GAZA CITY: The mass demonstrations sweeping the Middle East are touching the Palestinian territories, where West Bank and Gaza Strip activists are trying to organize their own “Facebook revolutions.” The Palestinian activists are inspired by the calls for democracy that toppled autocratic leaders in Egypt and Tunisia and threaten longtime rulers in Libya and Bahrain.
Iran mum on status of missing opposition leaders
TEHRAN: Iran said Tuesday it will not respond to international questions about the whereabouts of top opposition leaders who purportedly have been jailed and considers the matter a “completely domestic” affair.
Qaddafi trying to replace UN ambassadors
UNITED NATIONS: Libya’s deputy UN ambassador said Tuesday that Muammar Qaddafi is trying to replace him and Ambassador Mohamed Shalgham because they have both called for an end to his regime.
US ships move toward Libya amid fears of chaos
WASHINGTON: US warships sailed toward Libya on Tuesday as Washington warned that the oil-producing North African country could descend into chaos unless embattled leader Muammar Qaddafi relinquished power.
Israelis arrest 12-year-old Palestinian
RAMALLAH: The international media released a video showing occupation police arresting a 12-year-old child in Nabi Saleh village northwest of Ramallah, which seems to be a part of a campaign targeting child in territories where Palestinian peaceful resistance is taking place, while a settler ran over another boy of the same age with his car in Hebron.
Demonstration in Jordan for jailed Islamists
AMMAN: Hundreds of relatives of Islamists jailed in Jordan on security charges demonstrated in front of the Grand Husseini Mosque in central Amman on Tuesday to press for their release.
10 killed during clashes in Sudan
JUBA, Sudan: At least 10 people died when a militia attacked a police post in a disputed area of Sudan, a southern government official said Monday.
Omani forces block roads to protest site
MUSCAT, Oman: Omani security forces have blocked roads to a seaside town after deadly clashes between pro-democracy protesters and riot police.
Libya arrests four Jordanians
AMMAN: Jordan's Foreign Ministry says four Jordanians have been arrested in Libya. Last week, Jordan urged Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi to halt a bloody crackdown on his citizens. Jordan said it holds Libya responsible for the safety of foreigners living there.
Egypt bans Mubarak’s travel
CAIRO: Egypt’s top prosecutor seized all the funds of ousted leader Hosni Mubarak and his family on Monday and banned them from travel abroad, the latest humiliation for the once-powerful family.
Al-Maliki calls for early local poll
BAGHDAD: Iraq’s prime minister called for new provincial elections Monday following anti-government protests that killed 14 people last week in a demonstration of the simmering anger many Iraqis feel at a government they say fails to provide basic services.
Four Americans die in UAE plane crash
ABU DHABI: A  Grumman 21T aircraft, en route to Riyadh from Al-Ain, crashed shortly after takeoff killing four US nationals on Sunday night.
4 die as plane crashes in Al Ain
ABU DHABI: Four Americans were killed when a Grumman 21T aircraft, en route to Riyadh from Al Ain, crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday night. The names of the victim were not immediately available.
Libyan envoy to S. Africa calls on Qaddafi to quit
JOHANNESBURG: Another of Muammar Qaddafi’s foreign envoys has called on the Libyan leader to resign.
US urges tougher European sanctions on Qaddafi
GENEVA: The United States is pressing its European allies to set tough sanctions on the Libyan government, to turn up the heat on Muammar Qaddafi and convince his remaining loyalists to abandon the regime, US officials said. The Obama administration also declared it stood ready to aid Libyans seeking to oust their longtime leader.
Bahrain protesters block parliament
MANAMA: Hundreds of anti-government protesters have blocked access to Bahrain’s parliament and forced officials to cancel a meeting of the ruler’s hand-picked envoys.
Briton in Iraq shooting deaths get 20-year jail term
BAGHDAD: An Iraqi court has convicted a British man and sentenced him to 20 years in the shooting deaths of two contractors.
4 die as plane crashes in Al Ain
ABU DHABI: Four Americans were killed when a Grumman 21T aircraft, en route to Riyadh from Al Ain, crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday night. The names of the victim were not immediately available.
Jordan urges EU pressure on Israel to stop unilateral actions
AMMAN: Jordanian leaders on Sunday urged the European Union to put pressure on Israel to stop all “unilateral actions” that hinder progress in peace talks, during meetings with visiting foreign ministers of Sweden and Portugal.
Iran seeks closer naval ties with Syria
TEHRAN: Iran's Navy chief says he is seeking closer naval ties with Syria.
PA rejects Netanyahu's conditions for discussing borders
RAMALLAH: The Palestinian Authority (PA) on Sunday rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's conditions to discuss the borders of future Palestinian state.
Jordan to give priority to peace process despite regional turmoil
AMMAN: Jordanian Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit pledged Sunday to give “priority” to the reactivation of the Arab-Israeli peace process despite the spate of uprisings that swept the region over the past weeks.
Palestinian commission warns of tourism conference in Jerusalem
RAMALLAH: The Islamic Christian Commission in Support of Jerusalem and Holy Sites on Sunday warned that Israel is trying to impose de facto policy in Jerusalem by holding the International Tourism Conference in the city later next month.
Dubai foils bid to smuggle 51 fake bank credit cards
DUBAI: Customs inspectors at Dubai International Airport foiled a bid to smuggle 51 counterfeit bank credit cards valued at AED1 million from two passengers who were coming from an undisclosed Asian country.
Oman police fire rubber bullets at protesters, two dead
MUSCAT: Omani police fired rubber bullets on stone-throwing protesters demanding political reform in an industrial town on Sunday, killing two people, and the military moved in to secure the area, witnesses said. They said at least 1,000 protesters had gathered for a second straight day in a main square in Sohar before police tried to disperse them.
Former Turkish PM Erbakan dies
ANKARA: Necmettin Erbakan, a longtime leader of Turkey’s Islamic political movement and briefly the country’s prime minister in the first Islamic-led coalition in Turkey’s modern history — died on Sunday. He was 85.
Lebanon’s ‘sectarian’ govt flayed
BEIRUT: About 500 people waving flags and chanting for national unity gathered in Beirut in a protest inspired by the wave of demonstrations across the Middle East.
Call for Egypt reform referendum expected this week
CAIRO: Egypt’s ruling military council is expected within the next week to call a referendum on constitutional amendments drawn up by an independent judicial committee, a member of the committee said on Sunday.
Egypt army says sorry after breaking up protest
CAIRO: Soldiers used force on Saturday to break up a protest demanding more political change in Egypt in the toughest move yet against demonstrators who accused the country’s military rulers of “betraying the people.”

Libyan desert town shakes off Qaddafi rule
NALUT, Libya: The men, armed with handmade weapons, knives and automatic rifles, hunker down in an unfinished concrete building meant to one day be a hotel. They lie on mattresses, drink tea and take turns watching the long road to Tripoli for any sign of imminent attack.
Protesters repel attempt by Qaddafi forces to retake key city
TRIPOLI, Libya: Government opponents in rebel-held Zawiya repelled an attempt by forces loyal to Muammar Qaddafi to retake the city closest to the capital in six hours of fighting overnight, witnesses said Tuesday.
Hugo Chavez standing by embattled Qaddafi
All my people love me, says Qaddafi
US moves forces closer to Libya as Qaddafi escalates crackdown
Egypt seizes Mubarak family funds
CAIRO: Egypt’s top prosecutor seized all the funds of ousted leader Hosni Mubarak and his family on Monday and banned them from travel abroad, the latest humiliation for the once-powerful family.
Egypt bans Mubarak’s travel
Yemeni president says ready to form unity govt
SANAA: Yemen's president has offered to form a unity government with opponents who want him out of office — provided protests against him stop.
Bahrain protesters blockade Parliament
MANAMA: Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman said Monday efforts were under way to launch talks with the opposition, which is demanding major political reforms amid a wave of anti-government protests. On Monday, anti-government protesters blockaded the country's Parliament and massed outside the state broadcaster
Omani crowd torches supermarket
SOHAR, Oman: Protesters set a supermarket ablaze and rallied at two places in this seaside town on Monday in a third consecutive day of unrest that has included deadly clashes in the Gulf state.
US moves forces closer to Libya as Qaddafi escalates crackdown
TRIPOLI, Libya: International pressure on Muammar Qaddafi to end his crackdown on opponents escalated Monday as his loyalists closed in on rebel-held cities nearest the capital. The US moved naval and air forces closer to Libya and said all options were open, including the use of warplanes to patrol the North African nation’s skies and protect citizens threatened by their leader.
Tunisian prime minister announces resignation
TUNIS, Tunisia: Tunisia’s embattled prime minister said Sunday that he will resign, bowing to a key demand of protesters after at least five people died in a groundswell of new unrest in this North African country.
Bahrain dissidents feel it's time for dialogue
MANAMA: A day after the return of pardoned opposition activist Hassan Mushaima to Manama, leaders of the opposition groupings met informally to discuss their future course of action.
El-Adly’s trial, Moussa’s move to run for president welcomed
JEDDAH: Egyptian expatriates in the Kingdom have expressed satisfaction over the announcement by Arab League chief Amr Moussa that he would run for president in the next elections and the military council’s decision to try major figures of the previous government.
  1. NZ quake toll rises to 160, many still missing
  2. Battle rages over Libyan oil port
  3. Libyan volunteers eager to fight Qaddafi
  4. Malaysia charges 11 Indians after race protests
  5. US supports war crimes tribunal for first time
Suspect in custody after pregnant maid strangled in desert
trof1 seems to be a person who supports criminal minded people and that means trof1 certainely
YOUSUF at Mar 2, 2011 14:20
Military intervention in Libya opposed by OIC, Arab League
OIC MUST ACT NOW!! PLS! PLS! <br/>refrain for any Military intervention by so-called US and all
Bash-Filipno@KSA at Mar 2, 2011 14:19
Municipality urged to name and shame unhygienic restaurants
the worst city in thw world is jeddah full of wastes on the roads and very bad cars ,,restauran
mouwaz at Mar 2, 2011 14:19
Outage as fire hits Makkah clock tower
Flutter definitely agree with ya..101%
sarra at Mar 2, 2011 14:19
Saudia aims to become regional market leader
Looking at the negative comment, Saudia should take serious initiatives to change the mentality
Senthil at Mar 2, 2011 14:19
Death penalty for 11 in India train-burning case
What more justice can be expect from this Kuffar and jahil (ignorant) Ruler... indeed Allah wil
Sadik at Mar 2, 2011 14:18
Saudi Arabia Law & You Sri Lanka Day
Middle-East Gaza Bleeds
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