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29 Jun 2010 - 2 Dec 2011
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Published on Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (​​)
Our Staff
1. Adel Ramadan, Legal Officer.
Email: adel[at]eipr[dot]org

2.Ahmed Elderiny, Media Officer
Email: a.elderiny[at]eipr[dot]org

3. Alaa Ghanaam, Director - Right to Health Program.
Email: alaa[at]eipr[dot]org

4. Amani Massoud, Deputy Director - Right to Health Program.
Email: amani[at]eipr[dot]org

5. Dalia Abd El-Hameed, Researcher - Right to Privacy.
Email: dalia[at]eipr[dot]org

6. Dina Iskander, Researcher - Right to Health Program.
Email: dina[at]eipr[dot]org

7. Hoda Nasrallah, Lawyer.
Email: hoda[at]eipr[dot]org

8. Hossam Bahgat, Executive Director.
Email: hossam[at]eipr[dot]org

9. Ishak Ibrahim, Researcher -  Freedom of Religion and Belief Program.
Email: ishak[at]eipr[dot]org

10. Magda Boutros, Researcher - Violence and Bodily Integrity Program.
Email: magda[at]eipr[dot]org

11. Maha Turk, Administrative Associate.
Email: maha[at]eipr[dot]org

12. Medhat Kamal, Administrative and Financial Officer.
Email: medhat[at]eipr[dot]org

13. Ragia El-Gerzawy, Health and Discrimination Officer - Right to Health Program.
Email: ragia[at]eipr[dot]org

14. Ramy Raoof, Online Media Officer.
Email: ramy[at]eipr[dot]org

15. Rebecca Wright, Senior Legal Officer.
Email: rebecca[at]eipr[dot]org

16. Sara Magdy, Administrative Associate.
Email: sara[at]eipr[dot]org

17. Soha Abdelaty, Deputy Director.
Email: soha[at]eipr[dot]org
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