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2 March 2011
Human Rights Organizations Condemn the Trial of Civilians before Military Courts
The undersigned organizations today condemned a military tribunal's conviction of Amr Abdallah Abd el-Rasoul el-Beheiry (32 years) on March 1st on charges of assault of an officer and breaking curfew. The tribunal further sentenced him to a prison term of five years all within a period that did not exceed three days from the time of his arrest.
1 March 2011
From Civil Society Organizations| The Supreme Council of Armed Forces is Urged to Open the Doors for Democratic Transformation and Secure Accountability of the Mubarak Regime
28 February 2011
Call for Applications - Workshop on the African Human Rights System
25 February 2011
Libya: Africa’s Rights Body Should Act Now...Groups Urge Continent’s Human Rights Commission to Take Steps to Halt Abuses
23 February 2011
Silence is Not an Option!...Petition for immediate action by the United Nations Human Rights Council
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Law Combating Trafficking in Persons: A Welcome Step that Requires Careful Implementation
Two Years of Sectarian Violence: What happened? Where do we begin? An Analytical Study of Jan 2008 -Jan 2010
Organ Transplant Legislation: From Trade to Donation
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Reports and Studies
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