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Monday, 07 March 2011
Cairo 22-7
Secret archives leaked, Egypt military wants them returned
After state security allegedly tried to burn secret archives, Egyptians managed to save and post some on Facebook. Military seeks them returned for national security’s sake  
Egypt's prime minister meets Christian protesters
1000 protesters refuse to leave before the Helwan governor, who refuses to rebuild their torched church in its original location, resigns

Survivors from Mubarak's regime in new cabinet
Ahram Online looks at why four ministers appointed by Mubarak seven years ago have kept their positions in Essam Sharaf's cabinet

Army surround state security headquarters in Muqattam
After protesters stormed State Security headquarters on Saturday and Sunday, the Armed Forces have surrounded another compound in Muqattam to hold back protesters

67 officers and policemen detained

Students protest to sack their university president
The ministry of higher education refused to sack Maher El Domiaty, president of Zaqaziq University, causing students to protest

Copts protest Egypt train shooting
The area surrounding the Citadel was turned on Wednesday night into the scene of another round of clashes between Copts and the police

Coptic Priest found dead in southern Egypt
Speculation surrounds the priest's death

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Egypt's opposition demands unified law for building houses of worship
Egypt's opposition parties demand that the government take the attack on the Two Saints Church seriously and work to uproot the underlying causes of current sectarian tensions

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Official results : 16 opposition, 424 NDP, 65 "independents"
The 2010-2015 parliament will have a sweeping NDP majority

"Hire a thug" and other campaign expenditures
The legally imposed limit on campaign spending of LE100,000 is proving little more than wishful thinking, what with the cost of billboards, TV adds and thugs for hire

Mubarak: Despite some irregularities elections were transparent
President Hosni Mubarak hails the NDP for its sweeping majority in the parliamentary elections, as well as the performance of the Higher Council for Elections

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