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14 Sep 2008 - 07 May 2021
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  1. Explaining the method behind the Economist's recent special report on food production http://econ.st/fyoWIq 5 minutes ago via SocialFlow
  2. The spirit of protest spreads as Croatia sees political unrest in the city of Zagreb http://econ.st/hiLVgU about 1 hour ago via SocialFlow
  3. Is it due to climate change that crabs are invading the shallow waters of the Southern Ocean? http://econ.st/hDwjqY about 3 hours ago via SocialFlow
  4. For Egypt and Tunisia, the countries that started the wave of Arab revolts, there is still a long way to go http://econ.st/huLIbU about 4 hours ago via SocialFlow
  5. The Geneva motor show means good money for local business http://econ.st/gXQdbg​about 6 hours ago via SocialFlow
  6. What the unrest in Libya means for the world's airliners http://econ.st/gq6hBa about 7 hours ago via SocialFlow
  7. If you’re looking to invest long term, consider helium. Once it’s gone, the cheapest way to get more is from the Moon http://econ.st/hsYBfm about 9 hours ago via SocialFlow
  8. Now that the SEC has charged Mr Gupta with insider trading, what might this mean for the McKinsey consulting firm? http://econ.st/dLTUrq about 11 hours ago via SocialFlow
  9. Diageo, the world's biggest maker of alcoholic beverages, looks to extend its already considerable reach http://econ.st/gWYDUA​about 12 hours ago via SocialFlow
  10. The confidence to compete: Why big business, and Walmart in particular, may not be all that bad for small communities http://econ.st/dYHBuz about 14 hours ago via SocialFlow
  11. A special report on property: Housing will be a drag on the rich world’s recovery for the foreseeable future http://econ.st/e2rAQl about 15 hours ago via SocialFlow
  12. Featured on CNN: The Economist's own Robert Lane Greene discusses why Sarah Palin doesn't need National Grammar Day http://econ.st/gE4ATB about 16 hours ago via SocialFlow
  13. Three is the magic number: Canada's "big three" mobile-phone operators lobby to squash an upstart rival http://econ.st/hA1fIK​about 19 hours ago via SocialFlow
  14. British English v American English: On pronouncing 'ponce' http://econ.st/dJCOFt​about 20 hours ago via SocialFlow
  15. Turkey's Islamists: Erbakan's legacy. What a prime minister’s funeral says about democracy and Islam http://econ.st/eCgDYM​about 22 hours ago via SocialFlow
  16. Turning over stones in East Berlin: “In Heaven Underground”, a documentary about the biggest Jewish cemetery in Europe http://econ.st/hXQY1b about 24 hours ago via SocialFlow
  17. A Goldman Sachs analysis suggested that Republican spending cuts would prevent GDP growth from roaring ahead at 5% http://econ.st/gQ1sLv 12:09 AM Mar 6th via SocialFlow
  18. Given enough subsidies, many more movies would be made and each state could potentially have a thriving film industry http://econ.st/fMMsgn 10:26 PM Mar 5th via SocialFlow
  19. The actions of Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan do not bode well for the country's efforts to join the EU http://econ.st/h53ZVE 8:50 PM Mar 5th via SocialFlow
  20. Japanese electronics firms: The mighty, fallen. Ex-world-beaters swallow their pride and do deals with foreign rivals http://econ.st/h9U86l 7:31 PM Mar 5th via SocialFlow
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