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Thursday March 3rd 2011

The Economist Debate
Trends in economics
Inequality on the rise
Unbottled Gini
Inequality is rising. Does it matter—and if so why? (35)
A Special Report on Global Leaders
The rise and rise of the cognitive elite
Brains are bringing ever larger rewards. That has consequences for everyone. (29)
A Q&A; with Robert Guest
Live on Twitter: Who are the global elite?
Robert Guest, Business Editor of The Economist and author of our special report on global leaders, answered your questions on Twitter. - Global Leadership (7)
A special report on global leaders
The world's water-coolers
From Davos to Bilderberg, we examine the global gatherings where the influential convene. (34)
Economics by invitation
The Economist Asks
The Economist Asks: Will Africa's elite succeed where its politicians have failed?
How will Africa's rising elite confront the continent's plentiful problems? We ask your opinion. (10)
Davos Diary
Class consciousness comes to Davos
Worries about growing signs of inequality—even among themselves—are troubling delegates at the World Economic Forum. - Newsbook (44)
The Economist Asks
The Economist Asks: Does the dominant role of énarques hurt French public life?
Seven of France's last ten prime ministers graduated from the same elite training college. We ask you if it matters. (8)
A Special Report on Global Leaders
More millionaires than Australians
No matter how you count them, the rich are growing more numerous. We take stock of the world’s plutocrats. (11)
The Economist Asks
The Economist Asks: Should the government do more to close the gap between rich and poor?
Few American politicians dare favour too much income redistribution, but policies that help equalise opportunity are more popular. How active should the government be in addressing inequality? (27)
The Elite assemble
Who's who at Davos
Does the World Economic Forum represent the world? The summit in Davos is traditionally dominated by attendees from rich western countries, but in recent years increasing numbers of delegates have travelled from India and China. - Daily chart (46)
Davos Diary
Davos Man needs his image polishing
At this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, our correspondent wonders how the business leaders gathering there will react to a new poll on what the global public thinks of them. - Newsbook (11)
The Ideas Arena:
Global Leadership
Until the end of February we play host to a Davos-inspired festival of discussion and debate. We ask who are the global elite, and what power do they wield? Read more.

How to participate
The Special Report
Read and discuss our 14 page report on global leaders, or start by listening to an interview with the author.

The Economist Debate From February 8th readers and special guests use our online debating platform to contest the motion, "The global elite serve the masses."

Economics By Invitation Until February 18th our panel of economists offer their perspectives on the debate. This week: "Which economists are the most influential?"

Q&A; with Robert Guest On February 1st our business editor answered your questions on Twitter. Follow us @theeconomist for more.
By Invitation
We asked: "Which Economists are the most influential?"

Eswar Prasad
Senior Professor, Cornell University
Laurence Kotlikoff
Professor at Boston University
Xavier Gabaix
Stern School of Business
Michael Pettis
The Carnegie Endowment
Paul Seabright
Toulouse School of Economics

Michael Bordo
Economist at Rutgers University
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  2. Banyan: Taiwan's commonsense consensus
  3. China's pre-emptive crackdown: The people doth not protest
  4. Turkey and Europe: Mr Erdoğan goes to Germany
  5. China's foreign policy: Setting sail for Libya
  6. Precautions in Xinjiang: Catching a whiff of jasmine in Kashgar
  7. Language and opinion: Framing climate change
  8. Qaddafi and his ilk: Blood and oil
  9. Turkey's election: A Muslim democracy in action
  10. Venezuela's economy: Oil leak
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  1. Qaddafi and his ilk: Blood and oil
  2. China's pre-emptive crackdown: The people doth not protest
  3. KAL's cartoon
  4. Banyan: Taiwan's commonsense consensus
  5. A special report on feeding the world: The 9 billion-people question
  6. The Arab uprisings: Endgame in Tripoli
  7. Energy prices: Tax away vulnerability
  8. Labour law in America: Showdown in Madison
  9. Venezuela's economy: Oil leak
  10. Taiwan’s contentious past: The KMT's original sin
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