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Sunday March 13th 2011
Faedrus's comments
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Genteel spirits
Mar 13th 2011 7:03 GMT
Kentucky is also famous for brewing lots of whiskey, as well as for its ghost.
Which may merely be coincidence, as opposed to causality.
Or maybe not...
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The rot heard round the world
Mar 13th 2011 6:51 GMT
Welcome to a free press.
Don't worry. Those at Fox, and the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post, and Red State, and Newsmax, and the Weekly Standard, and talk radio -
Are more than happy to talk about the mis-statements, real or imagined, of Obama, or Pelosi, or Biden, or any number of Democrats.
They're happy to go on about them, and on, and on, and on, and on....
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First impressions
Mar 13th 2011 6:22 GMT
"People here all walk with their faces turned down to their phones, texting, tweeting or checking what's coming up on the schedule."
Sounds like high school, 2011. :)
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The rot heard round the world
Mar 13th 2011 6:14 GMT
As stated so inaccurately by Bluto in Animal House:
"Did the Americans quit when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor? Hell No!"
Perhaps this gives us an insight into how Ms. Bachmann spent her time in college, assuming she went to college.
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Over-aged and under-powered
Mar 13th 2011 5:52 GMT
As The Who sang at Woodstock:
"People try to put us down,
Just because we g-g-get around.
Things they do are awful c-c-cold,
Hope I die before I get old..."
Hang in their Babbage. Carpe diem.
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Rick Scott 1, Bullet Trains 0
Mar 13th 2011 5:48 GMT
Or -
The Obama administration knew full well what it was doing, and set up the Republican governors to reject what would have been good for their states, in both jobs and future transportation needs.
So now the tagline becomes:
"Don't vote for the partisan neanderthal. Vote Democrat."
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What's the point of having this superb military if you can't use it?
Mar 12th 2011 6:56 GMT
g cross:
No worries. I think that's my bad.
I believe the pigeon came and left while we were stringing up our cross bows. :)
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What's the point of having this superb military if you can't use it?
Mar 12th 2011 5:18 GMT
"You don't lay awake at night listening for the sound of foreign bombers for the same reason you don't lay awake at night listening for the hoofs of Cossack steeds or the creak of Viking longboats."
I do! You don't?
Wow, I never got the memo. Sounds like I can now move back to the coast.
How come I'm always the last to find out about these things...
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Terrifying tremors
Mar 12th 2011 4:52 GMT
In the for-what-its-worth department:
I've experienced a couple in the 5 to 6.5 range, which were big enough to wake me up and have me running for the exits. And, I imagine I was on the far periphery of the impact areas.
So, given that Richter is on a log-scale, those listed are serious big-a-- quakes.
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Badgers fight dirty
Mar 11th 2011 5:32 GMT
"...and twelve have no statewide collective-bargaining law at all..."
Let me guess:
Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky...
You know, the ones with the seriously crappy public schools, and the highest poverty rates.
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David Broder
Mar 10th 2011 1:58 GMT
Actually, I think Broder's piece on Palin isn't all that bad.
That is, between the normal journalistic messages of "She's Ronald Reagan incarnate" to "She's the devil wearing lipstick", there's a big enough space to drive a truck.
And, Broder drove a truck through it which said "She's a populist, folks".
I'd say that's pretty good reporting.
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Military ranking
Mar 9th 2011 3:27 GMT
Oh, to be Japan...
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Protecting our vital interests
Mar 8th 2011 5:10 GMT
Oh sure, you say that NOW.
Open your eyes America!
Us conservatives have been insisting for a number of years now, and to no avail:
"Plant baby plant!"
And, release the country's coffee reserves NOW.
No more depending on them foreigners for foreign coffee!
They just use their earnings to buy up US radio space, and replace it with salsa music anyway. This will not stand.
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Link exchange
Mar 8th 2011 3:07 GMT
Message to the Tea Party:
"It might be prudent to limit or delay spending cuts until the economy is growing faster and the funds rate is off the zero bound."
Hopefully they'll take note.
I mean, someone's gotta pay their Medicare...
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Second thoughts, with magic marker
Mar 8th 2011 11:23 GMT
I saw Governor Perry of Texas say a couple of days ago that the great thing about the US Constitution, is that it allows each state to be a test tube of new and innovative ideas.
Except - of course - for those states which are disastrous examples of experiments run by uneducated knuckleheads.
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Trains and partisanship
Mar 6th 2011 7:36 GMT
My favorite retort to the right's sudden aversion to HSR is when Governor Gregoire of Washington recently said her state would be happy to take the funding for HSR which Gov. Scott of Florida had sent back to DC.
She said, to paraphrase: "We're gonna need it. We need to get people out of cars and off our crowded freeways. If anybody else wants to send their money back, we'll take that too."
Or something to that effect.
Like, duh.
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What is grammar anyway?
Mar 4th 2011 6:26 GMT
All I know about grammar is that yesterday I couldn't spell professional, and now I are one.
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Who dares take him on?
Mar 4th 2011 6:15 GMT
What I also find funny is that Congressman Quayle, he the son of the former Vice President who couldn't spell potato -
Ran for Congress and won last year when he called President Obama "the worst president EVER."
(Or perhaps he called him the worst president ever times infinity. I can't recall).
At any rate, Republicans in general agreed with him, but haven't actually mustered the cajones to run against Obama.
Or, in other words, the worst president EVER is considered likely to get at least 51% of the vote against any likely Republican candidate.
Which makes them worse than the worst president EVER.
And which therefore would make them the worst likely candidates EVER, EVER.
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Who dares take him on?
Mar 4th 2011 6:04 GMT
"Because of the national debt voting Republican is sinful, but at least tempt me with Sara Palin."
Now THAT's funny!
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The new new normal
Mar 4th 2011 5:59 GMT
Hedgie, in looking at your data, it looks like there was a hiring binge on old dudes, followed by old women (meant lovingly, of course).
Any ideas why?
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