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Monday March 14th 2011

Brazil's economy
Colombia's politics
Mexico's film industry
Caribbean music
The coup in Honduras
Canada's politics
Americas view
Our blog on Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada 
What we're reading
A new focus for Washington in Latin America? (​Americas Quarterly​)
An argument to prioritise social inclusion

Drugs, murder and redemption (The Guardian​)
The gangs of Caracas

Life after prison (New York Times Magazine​)
A profile of Lori Berenson

The 45-story walk-up (New York Times)
A Caracas skyscraper is now filled with squatters 
The Oloffson
Haiti's hallowed hotel
Our correspondent pays a visit to the resort Graham Greene made famous
Artists at work
El Genio Dittborn
Pinning down an escape artist
Human-rights investigations
Digging up the past
An interview with Mercedes Doretti of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team
Drugs in Mexico
A gruesome paradox
An interactive map of Mexico's security crisis
The Economist Asks
Are the protests in the Arab world bad news for the governments in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela?

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  6. Turkey and Europe: Mr Erdoğan goes to Germany
  7. Corruption in India: A rotten state
  8. Lexington: Muslims and McCarthyism
  9. Defence budgets: Military ranking
  10. Japan's earthquake, the day after: The nuclear threat
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