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Thursday March 3rd 2011

Military-to-military relationships
The ties that bind
America’s armed forces may sometimes succeed where its diplomats cannot (58)
After unions
Squeezing the unions
The debate over public-sector unions
Drugs in America
The federal budget
The economy
America and Egypt
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Democracy in America
In this blog, our correspondents share their thoughts and opinions on American politics and policy 
Framing climate change
Conservatives are much more likely to deny "global warming" than "climate change". A new study tries to explain why

The meaning of overpaid
It's more complicated than you think

How to close Guantánamo
Maybe that has become the wrong question for Barack Obama

This week's poll
Obama    44%
Obama on Libya   42%
Congress    12%
Labour unions   37%
Getting worse    37%
Getting better   24%
More of a threat:
Big business    37%
Big government    63%
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Democracy in America
The importance of Walker and Rhee
Even if they're wrong, they dislodge the unions from their rigid positions More »
Lexington's notebook
Libya and the higher bilge
The Arab revolutions are generating some spectacularly silly commentary More »
What we're reading
House GOP still at helm on budget
Poll: On shutdown, more voters would blame Dems
(The Hill)
Majority in poll back employees in public-sector unions
(New York Times)
Why Koch industries is speaking out
(​Charles Koch
Maps, charts and video
People who live in colder states take more exercise than those who live in warm ones

White Southern Democrats, once dominant, have all but vanished

Comparing US states with countries

We invite you to predict when China will overtake America

The Economist Asks
Do America's public-sector unions have too much influence?

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