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March 09, 2011
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Saudi King Boosts Spending, Returns to Country
VOA News
 February 23, 2011
Photo: Reuters
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah speaks to Saudi media upon his arrival at Riyadh airport. King Abdullah unveiled a series of benefits for Saudis estimated to be worth $35 billion on his return home after three months abroad for medical treatment, February 23, 2011
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Saudi Arabia Bans All Protests
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has increased spending on a range of social programs, as he returned to his country amid a wave of popular protests across the Arab world.

The benefits unveiled Wednesday include nearly $11 billion in new funding for housing loans, and billions of dollars for social services like utility bills, housing repairs and education.

King Abdullah also ordered a 15 percent pay raise for state employees.

King Abdullah arrived in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday after spending three months abroad for medical treatment.

The Saudi king is in his mid-80s.  In November, he underwent surgery in New York for a herniated disc complicated by a blood clot.  He had a second procedure in New York in December.
Some information for this report was provided by AFP and Reuters.
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Comments (9)
John B (Canada)
Talk about bribing your people.Amazing how he suddenly developed a conscience.
15% raise wow
Simon (Iceland)
O O .....someone's scared of getting the boot.
jerry (usa)
Excuse me, where did he go for the best medical treatment? France? Canada? Cuba?
sim (usa)
probably the United States, jerry
NYC (usa)
Does that mean that we have to protest in masses to pay less taxes, gas, utility bills and health insurance!!!? Seems like fear is a good commodity these days. Finally the Abdullah is tightening his belt, big government should do the same! Now instead of dancing with 28 virgins he's going to cut it in half.
Youssef Ahmad (Saudi Arabia)
We want real reforms
nathan (canada)
This is what I call dictatorship by bribery. If you’re cash rich, you can afford to throw a bone to the underclass while still taking most of the pie. Generally, people can take a lot of injustice and unfairness before they start doing something about it. It’s only when they’re so desperate and at their wits’ end with no hope for better future do they start to riot and overthrow you. So the strategy is to keep them just below the desperation line. nathan http://www.imperfecteconomy.com/
Merlin (USA)
Bribery is, and always has been, an Arab manipulation to use the recipient in whatever way they choose. Slavery anyone? The rich Sultan of Oman (40 years in power) did the same thing and it only cost him half as much. Omani are cheap slaves.
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