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20 Jan 2008 - 22 Aug 2012
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>Academic Programs
Departments & Programs
African American Studies Program
Angelyn Mitchell, Program Director202.687.6376Location: 320 New North
Hugh Cloke, Informational Contact202.687.3725Location: 303 Intercultural Center
American Studies Program
Diana Owen, Program Director202.687.7194Location: 311 Car Barn
Anthropology, Department of
Susan Terrio, Chair202.687.3783Location: 422 Intercultural Center
Kurt Muhlbauer, Administrative Officer202.687.4185Location: 582 Intercultural Center
Arabic & Islamic Studies, Department of
Elliott Colla, Chair202.687.5743Location: 201-A Poulton
Meriem Tikue, Administrative Assistant for Financial Affairs202.687.5743Location: 201-A Poulton
Art and Art History, Department of
John Morrell, Chair202.687.6937Location: 102C Walsh
Dawn Horne, Administrative Officer202.687.6957Location: 102 Walsh
Biology, Department of
Steven Singer, Chair202.687.9884Location: 406 Reiss Science Center
Jackie Miller, Administrative Officer202.687.5626Location: 406 Reiss Science Center
Catholic Studies Program
Hugh Cloke, Informational Contact202.687.3725Location: 303 Intercultural Center
Center for Language Education and Development
Deanna Wormuth, Director202.687.5978Location: ICC 481
Christa Hansen, Director, Special Programs and Program Development202.687.5978Location: ICC 481
Chemistry, Department of
YuYe J. Tong, Chair202.687.5872Location: 230 Reiss Science Center
Kathleen Bayne, Administrative Officer202.687.5933Location: 240 Reiss Science Center
Classics, Department of
Catherine Keesling, Chair202.687.1335Location: 319 Healy Hall
Kathryn Busardo, Administrative Officer202.687.7624Location: 319 Healy Hall
Cognitive Science Program
Josef Rauschecker, Program Director202.687.1580Location: Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics, WP15 Research Building, Med Center
Comparative Literature Program
Nicoletta Pireddu, Program Director202.687.8943Location: 307H1 Intercultural Center
Computer Science, Department of
Ophir Frieder, Chair202.687.2165Location: 347 St. Mary's Hall
Rahamatu Wright, Administrative Coordinator202.687.1793Location: 335 St. Mary's Hall
East Asian Languages and Cultures, Department of
Jordan Sand, Chair202.687.3819Location: 306 Intercultural Center
Holly Wielkoszewski, Administrative Officer202.687.5918Location: 306 Intercultural Center
Economics, Department of
Matthew Canzoneri, Chair202.687.5911Location: 564 Intercultural Center
Marcia Suss, Administrative Officer202.687.6074Location: 580 Intercultural Center
English as a Foreign Language
Deanna Wormuth, Director202.687.5978Location: ICC 481
English, Department of
Kathy Temple, Chair202-687-6765Location: 306 New North
Karen Lautman, Administrator202.687.7435Location: 306 New North
Environmental Studies Program
Edward Barrows, Program Director202.687.5841Location: 248 Reiss Science Center
Film and Media Studies Program
Bernard Cook, Director202.687.6331Location: 108 White-Gravenor Building
Bridge Waugh, Program Coordinator202.687.6743Location: 108 White-Gravenor Building
French, Department of
Andrew Sobanet, Chair202.687.9327Location: 417 Intercultural Center
Julie Harless, Administrative Officer202.687.5717Location: 416 Intercultural Center
German, Department of
Peter C. Pfeiffer, Chair202.687.5693Location: 467 Intercultural Center
Conor O'Regan, Administrative Officer202.687.6051Location: 465 Intercultural Center
Government, Department of
George Shambaugh, Chair202.687.2979Location: 681 Intercultural Center
Ileana Aguilar, Administrative Officer202.687.5958Location: 681 Intercultural Center
History, Department of
John Tutino, Chair202.687.6194Location: 600 Intercultural Center
Kathy Gallagher, Administrative Officer202.687.3358Location: 600 Intercultural Center
Italian, Department of
Laura Benedetti, Chair202.687.5728Location: 307 Intercultural Center
Lisa Comento, Department Administrator202.687.5681Location: 307 Intercultural Center
Justice and Peace, Program on
Mark Lance, Program Director202.687.4531Location: 225 New North
Linguistics, Department of
Deborah Schiffrin, Chair202.687.6210Location: 479 Intercultural Center
Manela Diez, Administrative Officer202.687.6091Location: 479 Intercultural Center
Mathematics and Statistics, Department of
Der-Chen Chang, Acting Chair202.687.5609Location: 324 St. Mary's Hall
Ameika Clark, Administrative Officer202.687.6214Location: Reception area, St. Mary's Hall
Medieval Studies Program
Carol Dover, Program Director202.687.8260Location: 329 New North
Kelley Wickham-Crowley, Program Director202.687.7586Location: 332 New North
Performing Arts, Department of
Anna Celenza, Chair202.687.3691Location: 108 Davis Center
Susan Hougen, Academic Coordinator202.687.3143Location: 108 Davis Center
Philosophy, Department of
Wayne Davis, Chair202.687.7445Location: 215 New North
Anne Walsh, Associate Director for Academic Affairs202.687.7494Location: 211 New North
Physics, Department of
Ed Van Keuren, Chair202.687.5982Location: 522 Reiss Science Center
Mary Rashid, Administrative Officer202.687.5938Location: 522 Reiss Science Center
Psychology, Department of
Sandra Calvert, Chair202.687.3968Location: 309 White Gravenor
Amber Shifflett, Administrative Officer202.687.4003Location: 309 White Gravenor
Slavic Languages, Department of
Marcia Morris, Chair202.687.5923Location: 307-H Intercultural Center
Viktoria Shalaginova, Administrative Assistant202.687.6147Location: 307-A2 Intercultural Center
Social & Political Thought Program
James Lamiell, Program Director202.687.3657Location: 306-G White-Gravenor
Gerald Mara, Program Director202.687.5604Location: 302 Intercultural Center
Sociology, Department of
Tim Wickham-Crowley, Chair202.687.3707Location: 595 Intercultural Center
Hanadi Salih, Administrative Officer202.687.4184Location: 597 Intercultural Center
Spanish & Portuguese, Department of
Alfonso Morales-Front, Chair202.687.8598Location: 403 Intercultural Center
Verónica Colón-Rosario, Administrative Assistant202.687.6134Location: 403 Intercultural Center
Theology, Department of
Terrence Reynolds, Chair202.687.4610Location: 136 New North
Linda Ferneyhough, Administrative Officer202.687.6657Location: 136 New North
Women's and Gender Studies Program
Pamela Fox, Program Director202.687.7418Location: 340 New North
Leslie Byers, Program Coordinator202.687.3117Location: 586 Intercultural Center
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