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March 17, 2011
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Gunmen Kill 2 Children, Woman in Mexican Resort City
Convoy of gunmen chasing rival opened fire at house after man they were pursuing attempted to hide in it
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Mexico Arrests Drug Boss Linked to US Agent's Death
Mexico Town Fires Young Police Chief in Drug War
Mexican President Calderon to Visit White House Thursday
Obama Aims to Show Support for Democracy in Latin America
During visit to region, he is also expected to praise economic progress in Latin America
US Urges Haiti’s Aristide to Delay Return
Officials want Aristide to delay return until after Haiti's March 20 presidential election
Cuba Releases Prominent Dissident
Oscar Elias Biscet was part of a group of 52 dissidents arrested in 2003 Cuban government crackdown on opponents
Tsunami Weakens Substantially Before Hitting Americas
Damage less than feared after massive wave lost energy as it traveled thousands of kilometers across Pacific Ocean
Guatemalans Seek US Compensation for Syphilis Infections
Attorneys seek compensation for victims of experiments by US doctors in Guatemala in 1940s
US Targets Mexican Drug Gang
Ten Mexican nationals associated with criminal gang charged in last year's murder of a US consulate employee and two other people
Ex-Mexican Police Chief Seeking Asylum Arrives in US
Authorities say Marisol Valles will be allowed to present her case to an immigration judge
World Court Rules on Costa Rica-Nicaragua Dispute
Court of Justice in The Hague ordering both countries to keep all security forces out of disputed border region along San Juan River
Key Members of US Senate Urge Faster Action on Trade Deals
Supporters want deals sent to Congress for approval, skeptics say trade pacts with S. Korea, Colombia and Panama have problems
Carnival at Full Tilt as Rio Parties On
It's raucous party time in Rio de Janeiro as thousands of Brazilians, foreign tourists celebrate festival amid floats, celebs, dancers
23 Oil Workers Kidnapped in Colombia
Colombian authorities say FARC rebels could have been responsible
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