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March 17, 2011
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Gadhafi's Son Says Libya Funded Sarkozy Campaign
Saif al-Islam says now Libya wants the money back
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Libyan Forces Pound Rebel Areas, UN Security Council Meets
Libya Opposition: Rebels Still Control Brega
Foreigners Flee Libya Turmoil
Obama Monitoring Libya Situation
European Pedophile Sting Nets 184 Suspects
Europol releases statement Wednesday saying the operation has resulted in the rescue of 230 child victims in 30 countries
Turkey Pushes Again for Removal of EU Visa Requirements
Row over visas threatening adoption of agreement that Brussels sees as key to controlling growth of illegal migration through Turkey
Turkey Lets Iranian Cargo Plane Depart After Finding 'Nothing Illegal'
Government allows Iranian plane to continue to destination Wednesday after what it described as routine inspection lasting a few hours
St. Patrick's Day Recalls Irish Immigrant Experience
150,000 marchers expected at New York City parade
Germany to Shut Down 7 Nuclear Reactors
Country's aging nuclear power plants built before 1980 closed for three months pending safety review in light of recent events in Japan
G8 Backs Away From Libya 'No-Fly' Zone
France fails to get agreement from foreign ministers, though they agree to more talks at UN on ways to increase pressure on Gadhafi
Sri Lankan Poet and Irish Violinist Marry Music, Lives
Unique music shows their common experience of exile and immigration
Europe Reviews Nuclear Power
Nuclear accident in Japan causes Switzerland to freeze plans to build new nuclear plants and Germany to close aging plants
Greece Worries Over Recent Wave of Migrants Through Turkey
Greece expresses concerns over new North African, Middle Eastern immigration wave as human smuggling into neighboring Turkey increases
Nuclear Power Industry Shaken by Japan Quake, Tsunami Disaster
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany is starting a three-month review of plans to continue operating its 17 nuclear plants
Serbia War Crimes Court Convicts Ex-Paramilitaries
Four former paramilitary members were sentenced to 12 years in prison each for murdering a Croatian family in 1991
G8 Ministers in Paris Debate Imposition of No-fly Zone Over Libya
Ministers gathered in Paris on Monday to discuss how to respond to Libyan crisis
Japan Nuclear Crisis Sparks Worries in Europe
German leader Merkel suspends plans to extend life of some nuclear plants
British Foreign Secretary: Decision Time on Libya No-Fly Zone
In his interview with BBC, Foreign Secretary William Hague says Libyans will face a ‘nightmare’ if Gadhafi regains control of country
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