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16 Nov 2009 - 23 Apr 2021
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March 12, 2011
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New Pre-Natal Test May Predict Down Syndrome
Breakthrough research could mean the end of existing invasive testing procedures
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Fetal Surgery Shown to Help Outlook for Spina Bifida Babies
Nanodiamonds Make Cancer Drugs Work Better
Study shows effectiveness in treating disease in mice
Scientists Grow Replacement Urethra in Lab
Urinary function continues years after implant
Despite Prosperity, India's Children Not Healthier
Greatly expanded middle class hasn't led to improved childhood nutrition
Kids Work Up a Sweat With Video Games
Interactive games can be as effective as moderate-to-vigorous exercise at boosting metabolism rates
Gene Mutation Linked to Type 2 Diabetes
Discovery could lead to prevention, early treatment for those most at risk
Study: India Has Highest Number of Undernourished Children
Researcher says one of the reasons is that India's economic expansion has been limited to certain sectors of society
Young Romanian Burn Victim Gets Help in California
A 12-year-old burn victim from Romania has found hope and a new family in the US
Healing the Pain of Obstetric Fistula
Condition, which is common for women in developing countries, is brought on by complicated or prolonged labor
In New Guidelines, Doctors Urge Calmer Response to Child Fevers
The new guidelines on managing fever in children recommend parents relax on worrying about maintaining a normal body
Coal Ash Plan Raises Fears in Missouri Community
A half-million tons of powdery toxic waste could end up in floodplain landfill
City Living Can be Bad for Your Health
High number of poor urban residents poses special challenges for health professionals
Headache Medicine Dramatically Reduces Risk of Parkinson's Disease
Physically-disabling brain disorder mostly strikes elderly adults
Study Says Patients Not Receiving Effective Diabetes Treatment
Disease presents challenges for both rich and poor countries
Alzheimer's More Likely Inherited Through Mother
Researchers use MRI scans to look for shrinking brain tissue
A Healthy Start
On the front lines of maternal and infant care in Africa
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Inside Look
The business, the risks and the story behind Africa's new tobacco culture
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Special Report: AIDS
XVIII International AIDS Conference July 18-23
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Video Features
Going Green
Rebecca Ward reports on Cornell University's Backyard Bird Count.

Our World
From archaeology to zoology, from atoms to galaxies, Our World gives a state-of-the-art mix of news and features
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