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17 Oct 2010 - 05 May 2021
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March 14, 2011
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Human Rights

Rights Group Says Yemen Used Deadly Force in Aden
Human Rights Watch says Yemeni security forces used a range of weapons against protesters in Aden, killing at least nine people
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Yemen Police Fire on Protesters
Numerous Casualties After Yemeni Police Storm Anti-Government Sit-In
Yemeni President Pledges New Constitution
Yemen Opposition Not Interested in Unity Government
Thousands Rally Across Yemen
Students Protest Against Yemen's President
Clinton: US to Push for Women’s Rights in New Mideast Democracies
Secretary of state says US will 'stand firm' for women’s empowerment as new democracies take shape
Will Women Benefit from Middle East Revolution?
Although they participated in protests alongside men, many women feel excluded from political process
Rights Researcher Concerned Over Disappearances in Tripoli
Human rights official says Tripoli residents fearful of reprisals by pro-Gadhafi forces
Saudi Arabia Bans All Protests
Interior Ministry announces that security forces would use 'all measures' to prevent any attempt to disrupt public order
Libyan Rights Defender: Revolution Will Be Lost Without No Fly-Zone
Secretary-general of the Libyan League for Human Rights says Gadhafi will use anything within his power to destroy revolution
Analysts: Saudi Arabia Nervous About Domestic Discontent
As voices grow louder in support of change, analysts warn that Saudi Arabia lacks necessary structures to facilitate rapid reform
Turkey's Murder Rate of Women Skyrockets
Murder rate of women increased by 1,400 percent between 2002 and 2009
Gadhafi Forces Attack Insurgents, Conflicting Reports on Outcome
Witnesses say pro-Gadhafi forces seized part of Brega and its oil installations but opposition fighters say they recaptured the sites
France: Humanitarian Aid is Priority for Libya Crisis
Government spokesman Francois Baroin says Paris is horrified at violence, but military intervention is not France's priority
UN Security Council Imposes Sanctions on Libyan Leaders
Measure freezes Gadhafi family assets, refers Libyan crackdown to war crimes tribunal
US Moving Ahead With Unilateral, Multilateral Sanctions on Libya
Sanctions, other steps, aimed at pressuring Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to stop violent crackdown on opposition protesters
Tears Flow at UN Security Council Over Bloodshed in Libya
Libyan ambassador makes impassioned appeal, calling on UN’s most powerful body to adopt a strong resolution and 'save Libya'
Libya Faces Widespread Anti-Government Protests
News agencies quote residents as saying forces loyal to Gadhafi opened fire in several districts of Tripoli
Jordanians Politely Demand Reforms
Jordanian protesters take to the streets for eighth consecutive week on Friday, in what many believe to be largest protest yet
Conflict in Libya
 The international community should intervene on behalf of rebels in Libya
 Events in the country should be allowed to take their own course
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