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07 Mar 2011 - 30 Jun 2012
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March 14, 2011
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Middle East In Transition
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Libyan Government Closes in on Former Rebel Strongholds
Forces loyal to leader Moammar Gadhafi are advancing on city of Misurata, one of the few western regions to remain under rebel control
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UN Commission to Investigate Abuse in Libya
Arab League Wants Libyan 'No-Fly' Zone
Libya's Opposition Faces Fierce Counter-Offensive from Pro-Gadhafi Forces
Numerous Casualties After Yemeni Police Storm Anti-Government Sit-In
Protesters say at least one person was killed, at least 300 injured
Saudi Protesters Demand Release of Prisoners
Demonstrators, who rallied despite official protest ban, say detainees are being held without trial on terrorism charges
Gates Says Bahraini Leaders Serious About Reform
US secretary of state urges region leaders to respond to protests with more than 'baby steps'
Arab League Wants Libyan 'No-Fly' Zone
Group says it will ask the UN Security Council to impose the restrictions
Libya's Opposition Faces Fierce Counter-Offensive from Pro-Gadhafi Forces
Rebels spent Muslim holy day Friday shoring up defenses along frontlines and boosting morale among their supporters
Saudi Police Presence Dampens 'Day of Rage'
Officials bracing for rally in Riyadh promoted by activists over Internet as part of effort to demand democratic reforms
US Defense Secretary in Bahrain to Discuss Reforms
Trip comes as thousands of mostly Shi'ite demonstrators march toward royal complex near Manama
More Protests Across Yemen
Government supporters clash with protesters demanding resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh
Hundreds Rally for Reform in Jordanian Capital
Protests follow new calls by opposition leaders to relieve King Abdullah of many of powers, turn Jordan into constitutional monarchy
Libyans Call for Gadhafi's Departure
Thousands in streets of Benghazi renew calls for resignation of Libyan leader
Saudi Police Use Force to Disperse Protesters
Witnesses say up to four people were wounded
VOA Exclusive: Libya’s Former US Ambassador Says West Should Intervene
Ali Suleiman Aujali says world should not allow a repeat of Bosnia or Rwanda
Libyan Rebels Gain Diplomatic Advance, but Retreat on Battlefield
Opposition lost territory in east and west of country, though rebels in Benghazi were buoyed by France's recognition
'Day of Rage' Planned for Saudi Arabia
Call comes after government's ban on protests that was announced earlier this month
Conflict in Libya
 The international community should intervene on behalf of rebels in Libya
 Events in the country should be allowed to take their own course
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