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March 17, 2011
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Science and Technology
Infrastructure is Challenge for Electric Vehicle Owners
Hybrid vehicles, like the Prius and Volt, are bridging the gap until suitable recharging infrastructure is commonplace for electric cars
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Documentaries Explore Quest for Energy
IAEA Chief Heads to Japan to Assess Nuclear Crisis
Soaring Oil Prices Could Stun World Economic Growth
NASA Messenger Probe Set for Historic Orbit Around Mercury
Probe is scheduled to become the first spacecraft to orbit the planet closest to the sun.
Japan Quake Shortens Earth Day
US space agency says tremor made the planet spin a little faster, cutting the day by 1.8 microseconds
US, Japanese Students Use Facebook, Twitter to Map Crisis Points
A group in Boston is undertaking the effort to help the relief effort
Online Tool Shows How What You Eat Affects Pollution
Eat less meat to reduce nitrogen pollution
Japan Earthquake Alters Coast Line, Changes Earth's Axis
Geophysicist Kenneth Hudnut, who works for US Geological Survey tells CNN that quake moved part of Japan's land mass by eight feet
Indian Electricity Initiative Shines New Light on Farm Garbage
Source of new electricity is something Tamkuha, village in Biharhas state, has in abundance: rice
Analysts Debate the Safety of Nuclear Power Plants
Situation prompts analysts to debate whether nuclear power is safe to use in earthquake-prone regions
Weather Radar Tracks Bats, Birds, Bugs
America’s 156-station network provides continent-wide picture of life in the sky
Tsunami Warnings Issued in Pacific From Japan to Peru
One tsunami researcher says tsunami warning system worked well, but it is difficult to predict about how damaging waves will be
'Farewell, Discovery,' as Shuttle's Space Career Ends
US space shuttle Discovery and its crew ended a 13-day mission and a journey of more than 8 million kilometers
Scientists Grow Replacement Urethra in Lab
Urinary function continues years after implant
South Korean Students Learn English from Robot Teacher
Robots used to make up for shortfall in human teachers
Modern Humans Traced to Southern African Bushmen
Finding upends a widely-held scientific belief that modern humans originated in east Africa
How to Remove a Dictator
Washington DC company produces documentaries, video games on civil disobedience, non-violent tactics for political change
Digital Frontiers Blog
Where real world problems meet digital life
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  1. Japan's Nuclear Crisis Deepens With Fire, Radiation Leaks
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  3. Crisis Continues at Crippled Japanese Nuclear Power Plants
  4. American Official Warns Significant Radiation Risk in Japan
  5. Helicopters Douse Quake-Damaged Nuclear Plant with Water
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