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26 Dec 2010 - 27 Mar 2011
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March 14, 2011
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Special Reports
As part of its programming, the Voice of America regularly conducts expert interviews on topics in the news. Below please find a selection of interviews on Middle East and related topics.
Our latest expert interviews:
Turmoil in Arab World Opening New Opportunities for the West?
Georgetown University's John Esposito thinks it gives US a chance to re-affirm to some countries its commitment to core principles
Expert: In Some Countries, US Torn Between Values, Interests
Recent unrest in Middle East, North Africa has brought dilemma to forefront, says SAIS scholar Michael Mandelbaum
Libyan Opposition Leader: Military Siding with People
Former army officer says he knows of growing defections among Libya’s military not just by individuals, but in some cases, entire unit
Analyst Says Some Officials Within Libyan Regime Are Turning Against It
Mohammed El-Sayed of London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission stresses that even members of military are switching sides
Exiled Syrian: 'We Don't Want a Violent Revolution'
Cousin of President Bashar al-Assad believes citizen revolt is inevitable
Sentencing of Syrian Student Blogger Not Unusual, Says Activist
Syrian activist describes repression of bloggers by al-Assad government
Analyst: Egyptian Protesters Want Democratic Secular Government
Egyptian analyst says protesters want post-Mubarak democratic, secular government
Analyst: Egypt Has Changed for Good But Final Outcome Unclear
‘Economist’ Middle East correspondent Max Rodenbeck says regime faces many demands in addition to those directed at President Mubarak
An Analysis of Egypt's Crisis
Sherif Mansour, with Freedom House, discusses background of the events in Egypt in an on-camera interview
Scholar: Tunisians Celebrating, but Keeping Eye on Egypt
Exeter University professor Larbi Sadiki sees Tunisians rediscovering their sovereignty, pan-Arab solidarity emerging
Impact of 'Palestine Papers' on Palestinian Leadership
Washington bureau chief of Palestinian newspaper 'Al Quds' tells VOA that leaks say great deal about process of negotiating for peace
Analyst: Tunisians Want 'Genuine' Democracy
Tunisian scholar Sadok Belaid says protesters demand total removal of previous government
Analyst SeesTunisian Unrest as Promising, Warning to Arab World
Ellen Lust of Yale University says Arab leaders who thought they can stem the tide of change likely to be more weary now
Could A Tunisian-Style Revolt Happen Elsewhere?
Nabil Fahmy, former Egyptian Ambassador to the United States, downplays the possibility of a Tunisian scenario in his country
Tunisia: Education Driving Calls for Political Freedom
Cornell University professor N’Dri Assie-Lumumba says the educated are more likely to have high socio-economic expectations
Google Goes Back To Iran
Scott Rubin, Google's public policy and communications chief, provides some insights on the company's return to the Iranian market
Critics Contend US Should Offer Stronger Support to Tunisians
US may have missed opportunity, says Middle East scholar Stephen Zunes
Tunisians Ready to Embrace Democracy, Says Journalist With Inside View
Lamia Gritli, a native of Tunisia and VOA reporter, does acknowledge that internal and external challenges remain
Deterrence Might Not Work in Case of Iran, Analyst Says
Cold War strategy impossible to replicate in Mideast, believes Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments expert Evan Montgomery
Arab League Calls Lebanese Crisis ‘Serious’
Foreign ministers to meet next week to discuss Arab League’s role in resolving political crisis in Lebanon
Israeli University Heads Oppose Boycott of University in Occupied Territory
Chairperson of Israeli Committee of University Heads says only thing is using name of institution for such petition
Group of Israeli Academics Move to Support Palestinian Plight
Initiative aimed at hastening end of West Bank occupation, two-state solution, says group’s leader, Nir Gov of Weizmann Institute
Rights Group Harshly Criticizes Sentence Handed to Iranian Lawyer
Hadi Ghaemi, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, says case shows judiciary controlled by intelligence and security services
Sudan Referendum Has Implications for Egypt, Analyst Says
Hamid Eltgani Ali, American University of Cairo, says Egypt worries about possible migration from Sudan, economic interests
Tunisian Blogger Undeterred by Censorship
Lina Ben Mhenni says anger is rising among Tunisians and that frustration now outweighs any fears of government reprisal
One Man’s Act Triggers Watershed Events in Tunisia
Street merchant’s self-immolation could signal bigger changes for country, says Exeter University senior lecturer Larbi Sadiki
Iraq Civilian Casualties Drop, But Concerns Remain
Hamit Dardagan of British-based Iraq Body Count encouraged by drop in numbers, but troubled by ‘steady state’ of low-level violence
Media Watchdog Critical of France’s Handling of Journalists’ Abduction
Jean-François Julliard of Reporters Without Borders, says questions remain about efficacy of government efforts to secure release
Sanctions – to What Extent Does Iran Feel the Pain?
Sanctions seem to be doing their part, but as CSIS senior advisor Faridorz Ghadar points out, Iran has a larger problem
Scholar: Chances of Mideast Peace 'Slim' for Now
Aaron David Miller of Woodrow Wilson Center says odds are against peace agreement in short term future
CPJ Expert Comments on Latest Arrests of Iranian Journalists
Mohamed Abdel Dayem, Committee to Protect Journalists, says Iran will have to realize it cannot wage an open-ended war against press
US Expert Comments on Suspension of Effort to Get Israeli Settlement Freeze
Randolph Macon College professor Michael Fischbach: sides need to be confronted on whether they prefer status quo over peace agreement
Does the West Lack Clarity on Iran Nuclear Demands?
Potomac Institute senior fellow David Kay believes Western countries need to decide on what is essential
The Egyptian Vote - an Assessment
Woodrow Wilson Center fellow Jason Brownlee: for Egypt, vote will have minimal impact, US eyes larger bilateral issues
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  3. Japanese Engineers Struggle With Several Damaged Nuclear Reactors
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