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Georgetown University (GU) requires international students enrolled in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) program to be enrolled in the EFL Student Health Insurance Plan administered by HTH Worldwide, unless they have other medical coverage of at least $50,000 per illness and $50,000 per injury. Your coverage must remain in effect for the duration of your program.
EFL Plan Premium And Waiver Process
The charge for the EFL Plan is placed on the Student Account of each eligible student. The premium amount differs according to the length of each EFL program and includes a $15 GU Administrative Fee.
EFL students have a one week open enrollment period at the beginning of each program. If students have other insurance of at least $50,000 per illness and $50,000 per injury, which is documented in English, they may waive out of the EFL Plan by submitting a completed EFL Waiver Form to the GU Student Health Insurance Office. Upon approval of the waiver by the Student Health Insurance Office, a credit for the EFL Plan premium will be placed on their Student Account.
EFL Open Enrollment, Identification Card, and Description of Coverage
Designated academic program coordinators are responsible for announcing the EFL open enrollment date and location prior to the commencement of each EFL program. These program coordinators distribute the EFL Identification Card approximately one month after coverage begins.
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