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18 Feb 2011 - 20 May 2019
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What Can I Say?
31 January, 2011 - 16:46 GMT

What can be said publicly in countries where politics, tradition and memories of past trauma combine to put limits on free expression?
In partnership with the Australian radio station ABC, the four-part series What Can I Say? explores freedom of speech and democracy in South East Asia.
Presenter Gary Bryson travels to Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore to meet people who are trying to find a voice for their village, their culture or their nation.
Duration: 23 minutes22 mins
Singapore is one of the most lucrative places in the world to do business.
There is not a scrap of litter on the streets and crime rates are low.
Go beyond the surface, though, and you find a system in which the government guards its reputation for stability to the point of authoritarianism and censorship.
How is the government dealing with people who are finding a voice on social networks and the internet?
First broadcast on 9 March, 2011.
Duration: 23 minutes23 mins
There are hundreds of community radio stations in Thailand.
Most of them are illegal.
How does subversive media operate in a country in which the national anthem is played in public daily, and great reverence is shown to the king?
What part has community radio had to play in the demonstrations by activists - "red-shirt" or "yellow-shirt" - that occupy opposite ends of the political spectrum?
First broadcast on 2 March, 2011.
Duration: 23 minutes22 mins
"The enemy of media freedom is very nice... a bunch of money in an envelope."
Goenawan Mohamad is a pioneer of an independent media in Indonesia - a move that is proving to be popular among the people.
Twelve years after the fall of the dictator Suharto, democracy in the country is firmly established, but corruption is rife.
Though the media has grown, little of it is independent enough to call the corrupt to account.
A podcast of this documentary will be available shortly.
First broadcast on 16 February, 2011.
Duration: 23 minutes22 mins
"Ignoring is better than saying. Even if you know people suffer. You can close your eyes."
Those who survived Pol Pot's bitter regime learned not to make trouble or the consequences would be brutal.
The era of the Khmer Rouge pervades everything in Cambodia and its fledgling media is attempting to address a national psyche which cannot forget, but does not talk about the past.
First broadcast on 23 February, 2011.
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