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How to listen via your mobile phone & other mobile services
How to listen to BBC World Service on your mobile phone
If you are able to access the internet on your mobile, type the address www.bbcworldservice.com into your phone's internet browser.
The BBC does not charge you to look at content, but your mobile provider may charge you by the amount of data downloaded.
It costs only a few pence to look at a simple webpage, though audio and video may cost more, depending on your tariff.
If you are unsure, please check with your operator before you start browsing.
Listeners in the US
You can listen to BBC World Service Radio free* from your phone anywhere in the US by calling 1-712-432-6580.
*Radio service is free to listeners. Please check your phone plan for any call charges.
Listening to the BBC World Service live stream on your mobile phone
The following links allow some mobile phones to listen to a live stream of the BBC World Service.
The streams have been tested against a wide range of handsets, but access will depend on your network and tariff and what you want to look at.
Nokia Users
Nokia Series 60 phones or later:
Tested on Nokia E50, N73, and N95
Apple iPhone/iPod users
Blackberry Users
Blackberry 9000 series or higher:
Windows Mobile Users
Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets - HTC G2 Touch, HTC Touch Pro, Samsung SGH-i900
Android Users
You will need to download an mp3 streaming app for your handset, such as, "A Online Radio" from http://aor.leadapps.com/home.
To play the live stream, enter this URL into the application:
Stitcher is a free mobile phone application that allows you to stream your favourite radio shows and podcasts on-demand from anywhere, with no wires or synching required.
It 'stitches' the content you want into personalised segments and streams them to you automatically, without you having to refresh anything.
It is available on a number of handsets, including the iPhone, Palm Pre, Android and Blackberry.
Smart phone users can access digital audio content by downloading this free application from the Stitcher website or at the iPhone, Palm Pre, Android or Blackberry application stores.
BBC World Service provides a selection of English language podcasts, including programmes such as Global News, Digital Planet, Global Arts & Entertainment and others. In addition, podcasts from the Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic and Persian language services are also available to users.
BBC Listener mobile app
BBC Listener is a subscription mobile application that features programmes from the BBC World Service along with other great BBC radio programmes, handpicked for the world's curious minds. Subscribers get access to over 20 programmes a week, plus access to a large archive of some of the best BBC documentaries from the last ten years.
All programmes can be listened to on-demand and you can also save programmes to listen to when you don't have access to a network connection.
The app is currently only available in US on the Apple iPhone but will be made available on other smartphones (such as Blackberry and Android) and in other countries over the coming months.
To find out more please visit bbclistener.com.
Listening via internet radio-enabled mobile phones
Listeners with internet radio-enabled mobile phones can listen to a range of BBC services.
There are three channels available: BBC World Service in English, BBC World Service's 24-hour rolling news in English, and BBC Arabic.
New and recent models of Nokia phones will come with the pre-installed radio application which can be found in the Applications menu. The BBC services are listed in the station directory.
For all other phones, you should visit this page, internet radio and mobile links, where you will see links to our live streams and on-demand programmes in MP3, Real and Windows Media formats.
Mobile language services
The BBC also provides mobile news services in more than 15 other languages. For a full list and links to these sites, visit the following page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/languages/mobile/
Mobile language services
The BBC also provides mobile news services in more than 15 other languages. For a full list and links to these sites, visit the following page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/languages/mobile/
The BBC provides an international mobile news service which works on the majority of mobile phones.
To get the International BBC News Website on your mobile you can either:
Go straight to bbc.com/news on your device,
Text NEWS to +44 76 24 88 24 88 and we'll send you a link.
For more details please visit the news site.
Other services
For added value services like SMS alerts, the BBC is working with a number of international mobile phone networks to create news and sport alert services in various languages in different countries around the world.
The best advice we can give at the moment is for you to contact your own mobile provider and ask them if they currently provide a service from the BBC.
We do not currently directly offer SMS News alerts to our international audience. However, if your device supports email, we do provide a breaking news email service, which you can find out about on our website, via a PC.
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