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Intensive English Program, Short-term
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For students interested in special topics of study, EFL offers:
Students in the ALC and ACE programs are placed in their appropriate proficiency level following an English language test the first day of the program.
American Language and Culture (ALC)
The ALC program focuses on communication skills through an introduction to American culture and orientation to Washington, DC.  Morning classes develop listening and speaking skills; afternoon classes focus on cross-cultural communication through field trips, class assignments and individual projects.  This course is designed for students with intermediate or advanced level English ability.
American Conversational English (ACE)
The  ACE program develops students' ability to use English in everyday life.  Morning core classes strengthen listening and speaking skills.  Afternoon classes provide opportunities to listen to and talk about topics of interest in a relaxed, informal setting.  Extracurricular activities help students practice their language skills in the exciting world of Washington, DC.
Admission Requirements

In order to guarantee admission to our programs, all application items must be received by deadline dates.

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Application and Visa

An F-1 Student Visa is required for full time study in the U.S. Find out how to get an F-1 Visa.

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What are some housing options in the DC area?

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American Converational English
3-Weeks: July 18 - August 5, 2011
COST: $1,750
American Language & Culture Program
4-Weeks: January 9 - February 3, 2012 
COST: $2,365
Additional Costs/Fees
American Converational English
American Language & Culture Program
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