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Film and Media Studies Program
To live in the 21st Century is to engage in the consumption, production, and distribution of sounds, images, and information. The Interdisciplinary Program in Film and Media Studies offers a new academic program that will enable our students to gain a sophisticated understanding of media - defined as the multiple channels, technologies, and interfaces through which information, ideas, and emotions are stored, shared, and reciprocated - and the ways that media shape our understanding of the world and our ability to act in it. Through the Minor in Film and Media Studies, students will develop media fluency: the ability to analyze, contextualize, create and use media as the exercise of citizen leadership.
The Minor in Film and Media Studies will combine three emphases: media history and theory; experiential learning in media creation; and media and social justice. Through the Minor, students may elect to combine the study of media with their other fields of interest. Georgetown College's Program in Film and Media Studies is distinguished by its focus on the relations between media and social justice. Our faculty understands the study of media to be inextricably linked to questions of power, rights, human development, and self-determination. Our students will investigate these questions historically and theoretically and through their own creative and collaborative work. In this way, Georgetown's unique new program in Film and Media Studies emerges from the university's deepest commitments and core principles.
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The application for the Minor in Film and Media Studies is now available here for Georgetown College sophomores and juniors.
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