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Friday, 18 March 2011
Cairo 30-13

17:33Saleh imposes state of emergency across Yemen
16:31Protests across Syria after foiled Damascus rally
15:54Shehata confident his players will deliver against S.Africa
15:09Saudi king wields carrot and stick
15:00Libya announces immediate halt to all military operations
14:42Gaddafi's forces shell west Libya's Misrata
14:34Thousands in Iraq protest Bahrain crackdown
14:34British forces to join operation in Libya
14:04Saleh loyalists fire on Yemen protesters killing 32
13:53Japan agency hikes Fukushima accident level to 5
13:53Bahrainis to bury a dead protester amid regime crackdown
13:46UN to evacuate 2,500 civilians from Libya borders
13:40Qatar has sent troops to Bahrain
13:35ICC prosecutor warns Gaddafi not to attack civilians
12:44HRW: Benghazi civilians face grave risk
12:39Oil up on UN vote on Libya
12:22West mobilises for Libya air strikes
12:11Libya shuts down air space
11:41Military strikes on Libya within hours
23:36Correction: Senator Kerry mistakenly referred to Mubarak's wealth instead of.....
22:00Ismaily suffers defensive blow ahead of game against Sofapaka
19:26Islamists will not control the coming parliament, says Qaradawy
19:07Ministry of telecommunications did not order internet cut, says minister
18:28Arab uprisings inspire Croatian anti-government protests
18:00Ahly aim to expose SuperSport’s 'defensive weakness'
17:42Pope Shenouda returns from medical trip and urge Egyptians to vote
17:12Egyptian League rescheduled, three clubs reject regulations
17:01Egypt's issued capital for new companies recovers after 50 per cent drop last.....
16:55Bahrainis negotiate checkpoints, hoard food amid fears
16:50What will Egypt's alternative security division look like?

The Constitutional amendments, due to be put to popular referendum on the 19th of this month, have been the subject of heated debate. Where do you stand?
Say "yes" to the amendments
Say "no" to the amendments
Boycott the poll
Demand poll be called off
Demand poll be postponed  
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Amendments betray the spirit of Egypt’s revolution: "No" campaigners
As thousands of protesters gather in Tahrir to say "No" to the amendments, Ahram Online looks at the "No" camp's main arguments
Islamists will not control the coming parliament, says Qaradawy
Egyptian Islamists, along with NDP, campaign hard for a "Yes" vote on Constitutional amendments
Head of constitutional reform committee points the way to democracy in Egypt
FAQs on Egypt's constitutional referendum
FAQs on Egypt's constitutional referendum
A guide to Saturday's referendum on constitutional amendments
Copts fear Islamic state and say ‘No’ to constitutional amendments
In light of recent events, the dormant fears of an Islamic state have come to life once again particularly for the Christian minority in Egypt.
Muslim Brothers, Jihadists and Salafists: Egypt's Islamists come in from the cold
After decades of repression, the Islamist movement in Egypt is enjoying unprecedented openness, thanks to the revolution. This may not translate into greater strength, however
Egyptian Islamists, along with NDP, campaign hard for a "Yes" vote on Constitutional amendments
Egypt's Islamist movement, in all its trends, is proving to be the main support for the constitutional amendments to be put to a popular referendum on Saturday, along with the formerly ruling National Democratic Party
Gulf forces push Bahrain unrest to regional crisis
Intervention by Saudi and GCC may lead to confrontation between local powers, warn analysts
Rights groups condemn Syrian crackdown on protest
Amnesty International and Human Rights watch call for the release of political detainees in Syria, a day after Al-Assad regime arrested more than 25 protesters
Video feature
Murals for Martyrs - Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution
Street art in Cairo thrives during the Egyptian revolution - much of which commemorates the hundreds.....
Who let the thugs out? An Ahram Online Investigation
On 28 January, chaos spread across Egypt, with the withdrawal of the police force and the burning of.....
Head of constitutional reform committee points the way to democracy in Egypt
In an interview with Ahram Online, Tarek El-Bishry explains why by first amending the Constitution Egypt.....
Now that the first flush of euphoria has passed, it is time to get down to the hard issues of building a new democratic order
Unless the Central Bank of Egypt acts now, the country could face an economic meltdown it cannot weather
Accepting the constitutional amendments is the best to make swift change; rejecting them opens the way to drift and lost momentum for the 25 January Revolution
Following recent looting attempts on several archaeological sites, a UNESCO delegation is to tour Egypt to check the status of its world heritage stock
The director of the Egyptian museum is asking for the return of the land of the formerly ruling National Democratic Party’s main headquarters to its original owner, the museum
Hawass denies involvement in antiquities theft
Zahi Hawass, the former minister of state for antiquities affairs rejects all accusations against him and asserts that they are unfounded
Under-fire Egypt coach Hassan Shehata dismisses concerns ahead of the South Africa clash while his assistant sees the enforced break since the revolution as an opportunity
Ivorian striker Didier Drogba has confirmed that he enjoys life at Chelsea but will still weigh up his options at the end of the season
English Premier League rivals Manchester United and Chelsea will clash in the Champions League quarter-finals after being drawn in a rematch of their 2008 European final here on Friday.
Folk Arts
Darb 1718
Flamenco week
Ziad Bakir
A beautiful soul
Popular initiative
Photo gallery
Japan's disaster
Debating power
Street Smart
Standing witness
Tahrir tales
Residents speak
Revolutionary art
Faces of Tahrir
In a press conference held yesterday, protesters who had been detained by the army describe the brutal and humiliating practices they endured, giving a voice for those still unaccounted for
White cab drivers stage new protests in front of Egypt's Ministry of Finance
Demonstrators claim demands they submitted on Sunday are being ignored
After talks with leading interim-government ministers, Clinton visited Tahrir Square, hoping to glimpse what was the focal point of the 25 January uprising
Saudi King Abdullah announces billions of dollars in handouts for his people and boosted his security apparatus
Human Rights Watch urges the international community to protect Libyan civilians against Gaddafi's violent crackdown
Libyan authorities shut down air space to all traffic shortly after the UN Security Council passed a resolution approving all necessary measures to impose a no-fly zone
Property developer makes large profits and doubles sales despite association for former regime
Figures from investment authority shows climb in number and capital of newly established firms
Council of Ministers calls Egyptians and Arabs to invest when stock market reopens
Cairo nights are going to be lit up 'with all that jazz' as the 'city that never sleeps' hosts its own jazz festival, the Cairo Jazz Festival 2011
The death of Ziad Bakir, one of the martyrs of the January Revolution, has devastated his family, friends and many people in the art field. He is remembered as an extremely creative, profound and at the same time, modest artist
Ahram Online spoke with sound engineer Alaa El Kashef about his job and upcoming projects in the music and film industry

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