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20 March 2011 Last updated at 05:34 ET
<div class="ticker"> <h2 class="hidden"> Latest Stories </h2> <ul class="tickerItem"> <li class="tickerEntry"> <span class="tickerPrompt">LIBYA STRIKES</span> <span class="tickerHeadline"> Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi tells state TV Libya will be strengthened by Western nations' attack </span> </li> <li class="tickerEntry"> <span class="tickerPrompt">LIBYA STRIKES</span> <span class="tickerHeadline"> Reuters reporter sees 14 dead near bombed pro-Gaddafi vehicles near Benghazi </span> </li> <li class="tickerEntry"> <span class="tickerPrompt">JAPAN QUAKE</span> <span class="tickerHeadline"> <span> <a class="story" href="">Number of dead rises above 8,000, with more than 12,000 still missing, police say</a> </span> </span> </li> <li class="tickerEntry"> <span class="tickerPrompt">LIBYA STRIKES</span> <span class="tickerHeadline"> <span> <a class="story" href="">Libyan government says 48 people killed in Western bombardment</a> </span> </span> </li> </ul> </div>
Missiles and planes strike Libya
Pro-Gaddafi forces are bombarded by the US, France and the UK to enforce the no-fly zone on Libya and protect civilians in rebel-held areas.
Libya crisis
Japan warns on quake deaths rise
Japanese police say 15,000 people may have died in one prefecture alone, as efforts to tackle the Fukushima nuclear crisis go on.
As it happened
Japan Britons handed iodine
New footage: Tsunami at sea
Large turnout in Egypt referendum
Millions of Egyptians vote in a referendum on constitutional reforms, a month after a popular uprising swept President Hosni Mubarak from power.
Tear gas fired at Syria mourners
Syrian security forces fire tear gas at mourners at the funeral of protesters who called for President Bashar al-Assad to step down, witnesses say.
Gaza rocket barrage hits Israel
US envoy Warren Christopher dies
Obama starts Latin America trip
Prince William visits cyclone-hit towns
Final approval for internet sex domain
Tuberculosis vaccine target found
Live - India v West Indies
Sachin Tendulkar is out for two but India reach 50 without further loss against West Indies in the final first-round match of the World Cup.
Man Utd 1-0 Bolton
Ireland 24-8 England
West Brom 2-2 Arsenal
Djokovic wins to overtake Federer
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French plane opens fire in Libya
Coalition launches Libya attacks
Live: Libya crisis
Power hopes rise at Japan plant
Star German polar bear Knut dies
Missile and planes strike Libya
Japan warns on quake deaths rise
Live: Libya crisis
LIVE: Japan earthquake
Gaza rocket barrage hits Israel
British woman killed in Hong Kong
In pictures: Air strikes on Libya
Star German polar bear Knut dies
UK missiles fired at Libyan sites
Can 'Responsibility Deal' work?
Close-Up: Canada's canal ice rink
US: Libya is 'multi-phase operation'
Coalition to strike pro-Gaddafi forces
The moment tsunami hit Miyako City
New footage: Japan tsunami at sea
Gaddafi's 'letters' to Obama and others
Gaddafi: Libyans should defend themselves
Whirlpool created after Japan quake
Concerns over Japan's nuclear plants
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Coalition assault on Libya. US fires over 100 cruise missiles. Gadaffi responds defiantly.
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