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The power of the blog post
by Philippa Thomas
On Thursday, I published a few paragraphs on my blog about a US State Department spokesman's...

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Russian media claims Moscow rift over Libya
by Stephen Ennis
One of Russia's top daily newspapers, Kommersant, has suggested there may be a rift in Moscow over the UN-sanctioned military action in Libya. In a...

How I tripped up on computers - just like my newspaper
by Jeremy Vine
We gathered, a small group of us, on the other side of the traffic lights. I wished I had worn warmer clothing - the bright...

Is Wikileaks investigative journalism - or even journalism?
by John Mair
How Facebook sells itself in DC
Matt Wells visits Facebook's Washington DC office to find out how the company shows politicians what it does and helps journalists to find new ways to access information, audiences and even develop new forms of storytelling.

With only two registered lobbyists to dispel fears about privacy among Washington's political class, Facebook DC hasn't caught up with the company's explosive growth. But it is helped by politicians' desire to get their messages out there - and for free.

Video: Budget Briefing
Catch up on a BBC Analysis and Research lunchtime briefing looking ahead to the Budget on Wednesday 23 March.

The BBC's chief economics correspondent, Hugh Pym, chaired a discussion with BBC political correspondent Norman Smith and Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

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