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30 Jan 2011 - 09 Apr 2021
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21 February 2011 Last updated at 11:56 ET
Final moments
What role did Egypt's army play in ousting Mubarak?
Q&A: Egypt protests
Egypt's key military figures
Timeline: Key moments
Who's next?
Interactive Guides & Maps
Multimedia timeline
Weekly summary of flashpoints around Egypt
Timelapse slideshow
Crowd scene from Tahrir Square vantage point
Interactive map
Tahrir Square - the camp of the revolution
Clashes close-up
Zoomable image of rivals' stand-off
Latest Features
Inside the Brotherhood
Where is Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood heading?
Where are they?
Anguish over dozens of vanished protesters

Egypt's media revolution
Changes looming for publishing powerhouse
Who started it?
How revolutions actually happen
Hosni Mubarak
Mohamed Tantawi
Omar Suleiman
Mohamed ElBaradei
Wael Ghonim
Muslim Brotherhood
'Reclaiming Egypt'
Novelist Ahdaf Soueif reflects on humorous and poignant moments in Cairo's Tahrir Square
After Mubarak
Egyptians outside Cairo on life after protests
Eighteen days that shook the world
Egypt urges tourists to return
Turmoil at Egypt's Al-Ahram paper
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From Our Experts
Middle East protests - special report
Latest news as unrest spreads through the region
Peaceful revolutionary
The American who wrote the rules for toppling dictators worldwide
Bumpy ride ahead
Jeremy Bowen on the challenge facing Egypt's military rulers
Economic woes
Egypt's economy still under pressure
Military rulers' challenge
Can Egypt's military meet the demands of the people?
Mubarak's rejected roots
Bittersweet memories in Mubarak's home town
Strikes test new regime
Pay protests - the first substantial test for the military government
New era dawns
John Simpson on how Egyptians overthrew President Mubarak
Cell of fear
BBC reporter's terrifying encounter with Egypt's secret police FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT
In pictures: Mubarak's presidency
Key images from Hosni Mubarak's political career
Obama's Egypt moment
Historical day brings potential problems for President Obama
Internet revolution?
The role of social media in protests
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