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Get BBC Weather on your mobile
BBC Weather forecasts for the UK and the World, UK Warnings and the Shipping Forecast are available on mobile phones, PDAs and other wireless handheld devices.
Go to the web application on your mobile phone menu and type in www.bbc.co.uk/weather/mobile
If you're an iPhone user, use this address to access the whole range of BBC Mobile content, including BBC Weather: www.bbc.co.uk/mobile
You can then save this page as a bookmark or favourite, so you can find it again easily.
If you prefer, we can send you a text message containing the link.
Simply text the word Weather to 81010 and we will send you the web address. Please note that text messages to the BBC cost 10-15p. You may receive two different messages to ensure you have the best format for your handset, but there will be no extra cost.
If you are not sure whether you can access the internet on your phone, check with your mobile network provider.
Depending on the contract you have, certain costs for accessing the internet on your phone - usually referred to as data charges - may apply.
If you are not sure about the potential charges for accessing the internet on your phone, please ask your mobile network provider. You may find some costs are included in your existing price plan or that you can opt for a 'data package' or 'data packet' monthly fee that gives reduced charges for accessing the internet
The BBC does not charge you to access mobile content.
Send us your pictures
If you are out and about and capture a weather-related image on your mobile that you think we would be interested in, why not send it to us?
Details on how to send us your pictures and videos

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